Weddings happen in the heaven, and to make your wedding day the most precious day, Queen Jewels has come up with the latest trendy designs of diamond wedding bands. The variety spread of wedding bands will help you choose the most precious symbol of love on the most precious day. Diamonds – The purest ever-shining gift Wedding is the most wonderful moment in a person’s life and adds beauty to that special occasion with the shining collection of wedding bands presented by Queen Jewels. What […]

An engagement ceremony is the beginning of life’s journey as a couple while a wedding is the representation of complete bonding for life. True, you are going to adhere to the promises you have made to each other. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to keep some symbols as affirmations of these promises. These symbols are offered in the form of diamond wedding rings sets at genuine jewelery shops like Queen Jewels Inc. and several others. It is possible to obtain a set of rings that […]

Gemstone Ruby and Diamond rings are a perfect combination of luck and beauty. Gemstone rings are marvellous pieces of jewellery and are symbolic birthstones that reflect luck and fortune. You can propose to your lady love using a gemstone ring. Gemstone rings can also be worn to evening cocktail parties or wedding or anniversary parties. Brighten up your day by choosing to wear particular colour of gemstone for the day. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a beautiful collection of diamond and gemstone rings. Choice of […]

Adorn your finger with diamond ring to shoot your style to next level. Yes, now it has become quite common that most of the people love to shop for latest diamond rings for men sitting in the comfort of home or office. Thanks really go the popular online diamond jewel stores like Khanna Jewels. With great collections of romantic and individual ranges in diamond rings, our store attracts most of the diamond ring lovers from India. Get that extra style Whatever is your attire, never […]

Wedding & Woman Wedding of Woman…..! This is the most expected, awaited and big day in every women’s life. The day gets packed and filled with unlimited inflow of joy, happiness, beauty and blessings. Happiness everywhere and that too starts days before the great day. Everyone including bride to participants love to look in best attires. Bride enjoys better care and attention. She is the heroin of the day. She feels the lights of stars coming down to wedding venue, flowers showering from the sky, […]

Jewels make friends of women and diamond jewel makes best friend of women. The statement stands true since several years. It is hard to find another best friend than gemstone diamond ring that stay always with you speaking to your heart. We at Khanna Jewellers bring you the best in rings. Gemstones – Makes real jewels Diamonds looks spectacular and gemstones look superb. What happens when both comes in a single jewel. Beauty goes beyond the borders and words. It should be experienced with its […]

Women to diamonds are just like butterflies to flowers….! Yes they cannot be separated. Women get the real beauty with their fingers adorned with diamond rings…just like flowers doubles the beauty with the presence of butterflies. We at Khanna Jewels bring never seen before assorted diamond ring designs just beautiful as butterflies. Find rings in romantic designs made with combination of colourful precious stones. Give wings to your dreams to fly wherever you wish with incredible and intellectual beauty. Are you in hurry to watch […]

Diamond….! This single word itself makes you to whoop. When it comes with words like Fancy, Color and Ring, it makes you to dance on floors. Yes, now you can shop for fantastic diamond fancy color rings to give lights to your years of dreams…! Fancy color rings….they are just the diamond rings that are developed from your fantasies. We at Queens Jewels know the never ending thirst of fancy lovers to diamond fancy. Get stunned with our perfect feast of diamond rings served at […]

Black solitaire diamond ring……! The real beauty of ‘black’ glitters here. Yes, the beauty stands beyond ages and words. Words can’t bring you what this diamond ring is for you or for your beloveds. It should be experienced. Gone are those days when people buzzed round the usual golden ornaments. Time changed just as the jewel dreams. Now everyone’s heart gives an extra beat for bedazzling range of diamond rings….especially black solitaire diamond ring…! Get the diamond ring – Get the romance Every jewel has […]

Cocktail parties are entirely different from other casual parties just as diamond from other jewels. Yes, cocktail parties bring the real heat of wild parties with booze and geese. This party brings the ultimate form of relaxation and enjoyment to add heat to the nerves. Present generation loves to take part in cocktail parties and make their presence unique with their attires and jewels. When talking about jewels, there is nothing like diamond cocktail rings to give you that extra blink and junk that you […]

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