Carry Your Favorite Color in Your Hand

There must be few people in this world, who are not fond of the color ‘blue’; most people just adore it. Even jewelers have discovered varied ways of presenting this color in tantalizing hues. However, blue sapphire shows up best, especially where sapphire diamond rings are concerned. These rings range from the simple to the complex in design, rendering them as perfect wear for wedding ceremonies, anniversary reminders, engagement celebrations, birthday parties, graduation events and casual outings.

• Imagine yourself receiving such a gift from your spouse on your wedding anniversary, after several happy years of a married life. Blue is the color of loyalty, trust and honesty. You have been in a great and honest relationship all this time, indicating that you have utmost faith in one another. The diamond ring studded with a sapphire stone is a symbol of continuing loyalty for many more years to come. Will you not treasure this present forever? In fact, you may bestow a similar ring upon your loved one. It is a personal choice, whether to select a ring with a simple arrangement or something that appears more ornate and glamorous.

Diamond Sapphire Rings

• Similarly, it would be a good idea to exchange ‘blue’ rings during your engagement ceremony, if both of you have decided that you want a long-lasting and stable relationship. It does not matter what your gender is; you are telling the world that you are taking up bigger responsibilities in life. One look at your rings should convey to the world that you are brimming with confidence and an inner serenity that is hard to beat. If you want to show off with a ring comprising of superb circlet of white diamonds holding a blue sapphire tightly in their midst, you may do so. Alternatively, you may settle for a golden band mounted with a sapphire coconut surrounded by small diamonds. Of course, there are several other designs too in sapphire diamond rings.

• Your wedding day is an extremely important day in your life, wherein both of you are willing to give some direction to your life, as well as take control of your destiny. You hope to find tranquility and peace via a lasting relationship. What better way to express your feelings than with a sapphire ring embellished with diamonds? The wedding sapphire diamond rings on display at reputed stores like Khanna Jewels Co. are fascinating indeed. Generally, round cut and fashioned in a prong setting, these small jewelries exhibit exquisite geometric patterns.

What happens when you lie on your back in a field and gaze up at the clear sky above you? You feel that everything is all right with your small world, don’t you? In fact, you can literally feel the stress draining out of your body, leaving you with the mindset that challenges can be conquered with a little bit of patience and wisdom. The wearer experiences similar feelings when he/she gazes upon a ring with diamonds and sapphires. The painful memories of the past may be wiped away with a positive present.

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