Embrace yourself with Rubies and Diamonds

“Is that ‘pigeon’s blood’ in your hand?” Surprised!! Yes, it’s a serious question. Oh! You are still surprised. Well, don’t go literally. Discovered anything? Okay, there goes your explanation.

Oh wait! Let me ask another question. “Are you aware of the precious stones of the world?” Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond and….‘Pigeon’s blood’. What were you telling? Ruby! Well, it’s the one and the same. Yes, the best coloured rubies are known as ‘pigeon’s blood.’

Ruby has been crowned as one of the precious stones that ever existed on our planet. It is known as the ‘King of the Gems’. Having its name derived from a latin word, ruber, which means red. Chemically, ruby is aluminium oxide and chromium that impart the beautiful red shade to the stone. Found in various hues of red, rubies are symbol of love. They had always adored various ornaments together with other stones.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are every heart’s desire. Diamonds have their derived their name from Greek word, adámas, meaning unbreakable. Having possessed the superlative qualities, diamonds mark their existence as a symbol of royalty. From a very long time, owning a diamond is a matter of pride in the society. And, undoubtedly, when rubies are combined with diamond in a ring; such a ring is wonder in itself.

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With its specific designs and specific styles, Ruby Diamond Ring is one of those specifics that compel us to marvel. Both the rubies and diamonds are princely choice, which enhances the personality and together, they symbolize royalty and passion.

Some interesting points about these rings are as follows:

• There are various styles available in the market for these kinds of rings-full band, half band, single stone, three stone, cluster or big fancy.

• It is the position of these two stones with respect to each other that help to develop various designs on the ring. Even beautiful floral designs are possible. Some may even give you an appearance like a red sun in the centre, emitting its rays in all the directions.

• Usually, these are delicate to look at, but the stones are pretty heavy. The bigger is the stone, precious it is, for this reason, the price.

• Besides, the base metal on which it is crafted on is also important. Usually, these rings are crafted in gold, white gold and platinum. Rings made of gold have an ambience of their own whereas, the platinum and the white gold rings generate the marvellous red-white combination. Both these magnificent combos make you fall in love with them.

• Prices vary from as nominal as Rs.6000 to as large as millions. Some factors like the colour of the stone or clarity also are the decisive factors of price.

These rings will fit into all types of pockets. Once thought, these adorable rings will surely impress your loved ones. So, if you have an impending occasion, go out an extra mile and grab these beautiful rings and make them feel that they are special for you.

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