Precious Stones to Treasure for Life

Finger rings are treasured possessions, since they evoke memories of joyful moments and happy occasions. They literally attain even more value, if crafted from diamonds and other precious stones. There is a marvelous collection of such rings at trustworthy jewelry stores such as Queen Jewels Inc. and others. The gemstone diamond rings on display at these shops, are great for wearing at daytime and nighttime celebratory events.

What is your birthstone? You may not be aware of it, but the color of a birthstone conveys quite a bit about the wearer’s personality. Environment and upbringing play significant roles in personality development too. Therefore, do not judge self or others solely by the color of a ring in gemstones and diamonds.


  • If you were born in July, the beautifully enticing ruby would be deemed as your birthstone. You will not be able to resist this superbly crafted ring created from diamonds and white gold. A solitary pair of wings proudly displays a large, gleaming ruby in the center. Obviously, you are an impulsive, aggressive and passionate person, who loves to experience life through all the five senses. Alternatively, you may opt for the simple band with a ruby-red door in the center. Only by opening the door and exploring your feelings and thoughts, will people be able to comprehend the kind of person you are.
  • All right, were you born in December? Your confident and sophisticated personality has a choice between tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. Imagine the sparkles of brilliance that will emanate from the fourth finger of your left hand, as you display a shimmering tanzanite encircled by two layers of glittering natural diamonds. The oval shape is perfect for your wedding or engagement ceremony. Alternatively, if you wish to acknowledge your feelings for your fiancé openly, you may opt for the heart-shaped gemstone ring, with its unique arrangement of diamonds.
  • Blue and yellow sapphires are for the September-born. Visualize a huge blue sapphire surrounded by tiny gemstones nestling in the folds of polygonal diamonds. The ring seems to scream good fortune, loyalty, purity and trust, all rolled into one piece. Another ring with two layers of diamonds alternating with a single layer of blue sapphires is equally resplendent. Of course, the large gemstone in the center of the diamond ring captures attention immediately. You will feel as if a glittering blue sun is resting on your finger.
  • Do you like the lustrous gemstone, whose color is akin to the rich green of spring? If so, you are a lover of emeralds, and born in May. The pattern is suggestive of the fact that you are the central figure responsible for your family’s existence. The diamond petals are representations of the people, who have flourished under your watchful care.

Do not confine yourself to birthstones, but examine the entire range of diversely designed diamond rings embellished with gemstones. They come in stunning hues, such as pearl orange tourmaline, blue topaz, opal, pearl pink tourmaline, gold, amethyst and so on.

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