Diamond Solitaires to decorate your life

Diamonds are not just fancied by a particular gender. Their sparkle dazzles everyone irrespective of the gender or likes. Chemically, diamonds are the carbon compounds that are formed by the concatenation property of carbon in which long chain of carbons attach to each other and form the hardest known substance present on the Earth. It is due to their hardness, diamonds are used to cut through the materials that cannot be cut using other tools. They are used in drilling machines as well as in surgical tools. But, the genre where they are loved the most is the jewellery.

Since ancient times, diamonds have been a prestigious part of jewellery that was worn by the kings and queens. The tradition continued through the present generations where owning a diamond is a symbol of royalty. Diamonds find a special place in the world of rings. There are various types of rings that are available to fancy everyone-classic rings, cushion cut rings, three stone rings, princess cut rings, etc. Out of which, the most lovable of all are the solitaire rings.


Solitaires are the pieces of diamonds that stand on a piece of jewellery all by itself, hence the name. Diamond rings of solitaire are mostly adorned as engagement rings. They are the symbol of love and passion between the couples. They represent forever commitment among and a promise to be together for all times in their life. There are different solitaire diamond rings designs available in the market.

Before we see in detail about the diamond rings of solitaire, let’s see different types of diamond shapes. They are as follows:

  • Emerald cut has stone of rectangular shape and has corners which are trimmed.
  • In round cut, the shape is circular, and this cut is popular in couples as engagement rings.
  • In pear shape, the stone is shaped in the pear. This ring can make your fingers look slimmer.
  • In marquise rings, the shape is oval but the ends are tapering and are pointed at ends.
  • As the name suggests, oval rings have diamonds of oval shape. They are often fused with other gemstones.
  • The other rare cut that is found is Asscher cut that can be compared to rounded square.
  • Trilliant diamonds are triangular in shape and have brilliance of their own; the name is a combination of triangular and brilliant.
  • Princess cut is the most popular cut and has the square shape with its pointed corners. It is the most popular choice for engagement rings.
  • One of the antique cut is cushion cut. You can consider it as a modern oval shape.

The same brilliance and sparkle can be observed in the latest solitaire diamond rings designs. Gift your beloved a solitaire ring on your anniversary and give her a gift for a lifetime that she will cherish forever. Pick a solitaire ring from the latest solitaire diamond rings designs and adore your fingers, and henceforth you personality with the most precious gemstone of the world.

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