Enchanting diamond ring designs for women

When it comes to choosing, women are quite sceptical about it. Perhaps it is their penchant fashion savvy nature, which gives them the ultimate desire to intrinsically select each and every nuance of this art jewel. Diamond rings are an inevitable choice for women. The stone itself has some enchanting power, which gives a mesmerizing appeal. There are plenty of diamond ring designs for women, which can be browsed and navigated to get an idea of the same. In fact, there are options for customizing the designs so that one gets the choice that one prefers.


Diamond ring designs for women depend on shape, cut and pattern in which the diamonds are arranged. An array of designs is available ranging from the traditional vintage look to the modern contemporary appeal. Stone size also varies from sultry small ones to large solitaire patterns. Elegant cuts are the secret behind the dazzling spark. So, before buying the perfect diamond ring, get a clear picture as to what size and pattern of ring one wants. Here are some women diamond ring designs, which are noteworthy and form a unique collection this season:

  • Floral Accents– Adding a tinge of feminism, the floral accents are one of the vibrant design patterns that gel in well with the diamonds. Small stones of diamonds can be intricately fabricated to form myriad kind of floral patterns. Bunch of buds or flaring patterns are some of the rare designs, which add a hint of glamor quotient to the appeal.
  • Halo Settings– Another unique diamond ring designs for women is the halo pattern. This involves grouping of diamonds together in a cluster format, which are strategically placed to get a halo effect. This can be either done on a simple gold and silver setting or can be surrounded on a colored stone of contrasting color to get the perfect halo effect. In order to get a more vibrant appeal, one can go for the two-layer double halo effect.
  • Twisted bands– Adding a dash of spice to the ordinary look, the twisted bands done in sterling or silver cast a unique yet mesmerizing appeal to the entire ring. Women diamond ring designs with twisted bands have many variations such as loop, entangle and abstract twist, which impart a modern look to the ring setting.
  • Bows and Knots– Quite prevalent in the current scenario, bows and knot designs seem very popular. The idea is to form a gentle bow gesture or a knotted pattern with centralized diamonds or bordered with small stones to get a unique look.
  • Split Bands– Pave bands, which are delicately split to form two or more narrower bands that entangle and twist to form a pattern is also a good design. Split bands look good with solitaires or can be blended with the channel pattern to get the ultimate appeal
  • Mixed metals– Diamonds gels in well with all kinds of metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. If one is unable to decide which one to go for, the best is to mix and match and customize a unique ring pattern.

One is sure to fall in love with these amazing diamond ring patterns.

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