Get a contemporary appeal with the perfect blend of diamond and sapphire stones!

The trend of diamonds embedded in the engagement rings has been carried forward since ages. In fact, it has become a tradition to use diamonds in the rings as a mark of ethnicity. However, with the changing times, the choice of people has also changed and now people are looking for a more unique look. In fact, contemporary is the ultimate fashion sense, which ensures that the traditional appeal as well a unique look is blended in perfect manner to get the desired design. Hence, the demand for diamond and sapphire engagement rings as it encompasses diamond but also blends in different color sapphire stones that extend a hint of dashing vibe.


Mostly engagement rings in diamond and sapphire are selected, when one wants to break the monotony of plain simple diamond. The advantage of sapphire is that they are available in myriad hues that which coupled with diamond struts give a hint of elegance. There are various types of sapphires which are available in the market. Let’s glance at some of them:

  • Blue Sapphire– This is the most common and popular forms of sapphire in vogue these days. Blue hue enhances the overlook look and when coupled with sparkling diamonds form the perfect combination. The shades of blue vary from royal blue to Ceylon blue. Encapsulated in patterns such as three stones, or channel cut wherein the main blue sapphire is surrounded neatly with channel of diamond beads is simply amazing. Entangled designs with the blend of diamond and blue sapphire also form a unique collection.
  • Padparadscha– This is a unique form of sapphire, which imparts an orange to a pinkish hue to the stone. This can be selected for an entirely different look and the orange shade will have a different appeal when coupled with diamonds. This definitely forms a unique collection of diamond and sapphire engagement rings
  • Different colors– If hues are what attract you, and then you can go for different hues of sapphires. Being corundum, the stone gets different shades owing to the different chemical composition of the chemicals. Some of the common colors are yellow, green, violet, brown and pink. A hue which matches with the attire or the mood setting of the theme can be selected to get the ultimate appeal.
  • Unique sapphire with changing colors– This is again a unique style of sapphire, which changes its colour in different light shades. They can look blue in the sunlight and violet tinge during the night hours or impart a gray color during the day and transform to reddish hue in the incandescent light. These usually occur when the sapphire contains certain impurities such as chromium and vanadium. Rings in diamond and sapphire can look absolutely stunning if the changing color of sapphire is selected.

The modern and trendy appeal in the range of rings is the diamond and sapphire engagement rings, which are contemporary and form unique designs that are quite attractive in nature. So break the monotony of just diamond and select the perfect combo of diamond and sapphire as per your liking.

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