Top amazing design pattern of heart shaped engagement ring

Diamond rings are the unequivocal jewel pieces, which attract attention and stand out as a unique piece of ornament. Engagement rings are specifically casted in diamonds as history traces out the fact that diamond is the symbol for proposal. To make the D-Day even more special, engagement rings which are casted in heart shaped structured are preferred. Iconic as a love symbol, the heart shaped diamond rings are considered to be the true mark of romantic gesture. There is something utterly beautiful about the heart shaped diamond engagement ring, which makes them one of the unique collections.


One may be unaware of the fact that heart shaped diamond engagement ring comes in myriad set of designs and patterns. People usually visually a heart shaped structure with a single or cluster of sparkling diamonds. But there are more variants that can be imagined. Here are some of the latest trends, which are in vogue these days-

  • Heart Shaped Solitaire Ring– Solitaire is the epitome of royalty. It extends an aura of elegance which is personified by that single stone, which is intrinsically carved to get that beautiful piece. Carved in different cuts such as round, square or princess cut, each stone is known for its dazzling gaze. Designs vary; however, the most popular one is a single large stone, which is embedded centrally inside the gold or silver band that looks utterly superb. Pave patterns are also quite in vogue as they give a different kind of appeal to the ring.
  • Cluster heart shaped diamond– Engagement rings that are heart shaped diamond looks amazing in the cluster format. Cluster of small and finely cut diamonds can be put together to form a unique style statement. Clusters can be either made at one place or can be strategically placed to fill the half space for another kind of appeal.
  • Channel pattern– Heart shaped diamond engagement ring can be beautified with a channel shaped ring structure in which the small diamonds are placed in the channel format, which gives a little broad but better view of the ring. Channel patterns also help to imbibe more diamonds and enhance the overall beauty of the heart shaped diamond.
  • Different colors of diamond– If one is looking for something entirely out of the league; an inevitable choice is the different shades of diamond. Pink diamonds are quite popular as they symbolize the color of love and also the natural tinge gives an amazing appeal. Embedded in white gold bands, the pink fluxes to an entirely different genre.
  • Double heated diamond rings– One of the latest design patterns, double heated diamond rings are one of the favorite choices of people of today. Two heart shapes which are entangled in an abstract manner, or two hearts placed side by side are the most desired one. Double hearts which are castled in white gold are yet another marvelous piece of jewel.

With these amazing choices of engagement rings that are heart shaped diamond, one can easily select the one that is most desirous and is best fitted for expressing emotion of love.

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