A Treasure Worth Preserving for a Lifetime

In the human world, a person preferring a solitary existence is ridiculed as weird, eccentric, etc. After all, we humans have always been deemed as social animals, incapable of existing alone. Even in the animal kingdom, varied species prefer to be with their own kind. However, in the inanimate world of jewelry, a lonely existence is viewed with awe. A diamond ring solitaire is akin to a king looking out over the entire world! Such a king is readily available at reputed jewelry stores, including Queen Jewels Inc.


  • It does not matter what gender you are, Queen’s has the perfect engagement ring for you. You may opt for a diamond solitaire yellow gold ring or a diamond solitaire white gold ring. Every jeweled piece displays a timeless beauty and radiance that is difficult to define in mere words.
  • In fact, if each of you bestows a ring with a one-accent diamond on the other, it suggests that it is a symbolic representation of your evergreen love. You hope that your bonding will be long lasting and lifelong. The designs may be fancy, traditional, or contemporary; select what complements the other’s personality the best.
  • Oh, yes, you need not worry about size, for Queen’s offers free sizing as well as made-to-order items in alignment with your specifications. The minimum weight is one carat, while the maximum weight of the precious stone is five carats. The solitaires are genuine, as evinced by the certificates accompanying the ring boxes.

You may be wondering how it is possible to achieve unique patterns or intricate designs with a single diamond. Well, it all depends on the cut utilized by the trained professional.

  • Diamond ring solitaire with the princess cut: It is a highly popular choice for engagement rings. The design is rather squarish, or you might say, a four-sided pyramid. This permits the radiant luster of the precious stone to be exhibited beautifully via a prong setting.
  • Diamond ring solitaire with the emerald cut: The precious stone is shaped like a rectangle, albeit with the corners cropped. As a result, there is a marvelous interplay of dark and light planes. If you can visualize what a hall of mirrors would look like, you would be able to comprehend how the long lines and the dramatically splendid flashes of light would convey a glorious appeal to the wearer, as well as the onlookers.
  • Diamond ring solitaire with the round cut: This kind of shaping is truly brilliant, for it affords the creation of numerous facets for reflecting light. Your jeweled item will look gloriously bright.
  • Diamond ring solitaire with the heart cut: It sports a design with perfect symmetry, wherein the cleft between the two lobes is very distinct and sharp. Reveal your innermost feelings to your life partner.

Thus, there can be no better way of telling your loved one that he/she is the best thing that has happened to you in your life. You look forward to a joyous future.


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