Accentuate the Natural Beauty of Your Fingers

You are well aware of what the term, “accent” means. It awards special significance to something, or highlights its good qualities. In this case, we are referring to the skill associated with the fashioning of diamond solitaire rings with accent in various styles or shapes such as a halo cut, micro pave or split shanks ideal for promise rings, engagement rings and wedding rings. You will encounter this kind of partisanship at trustworthy stores like Queen Jewels Inc.


  • Now, what exactly is an accent in the world of jewelry? It refers to tiny diamonds with round cuts, which encircle larger precious stones, gemstones, or ring bands. The idea is to create a lustrous and resplendent halo of light around the fourth finger of the wearer.
  • Solitaire accent diamond rings are specifically meant to brighten up your engagement or wedding day. After all, this is the time when you sport dramatic and dazzling solitaires in varied shapes and sizes. Thus, diamond accent rings comprise of solitaire diamonds.
  • Even though the cuts are tiny, they adhere to a specific pattern. For instance, if you opt for the halo accent, you would be focusing on the larger diamond or precious stone in the center of your wedding or engagement ring. It could be a gorgeous combination of any fancy colored diamond. On either side of the central stone, you will find very small oval, rectangular, or round diamonds.
  • Unlike the prong pattern, the pave setting refers to the linear embedding of precious stones onto a white gold or gold band. It is akin to the path you witness in a garden. Jewelers use the micro pave method sometimes, in order to create solitaire accent diamond rings In this case, the sizes of the tiny stones may range from 0.005 carats to 0.01 carats. Can you visualize how your adornment will look? It will be scintillating in appearance, emanating sparkles of brilliance everywhere!
  • With regard to the shank accent, talented and skilled artists use tiny grooves on the band encircling your finger. This is supposed to highlight the bewitching attraction of the centrally situated solitaire. If the shank is split into two, it is termed as split-shank accent.

Now, various cuts are used in order to let you realize that charming rings with side accents comprise of solitaire diamonds.

  • The round cut is an extremely popular choice, for it reflects light so marvelously that the bright gleam of your jeweled accessory is tremendously enhanced.
  • The cushion cut is equally great, for it comprises of a squarish trim with rounded corners.
  • The radiant cut refers to the creation of rectangular facets that convey the appearance of liveliness and vibrancy.
  • The pear cut is a good combination of marquise and round cuts, providing wonderful symmetry

You will not regret your purchase of solitaire accent diamond rings regardless of what you choose with the help of a salesperson’s expertise. Prices vary, but there is no compromise on color, cut, clarity and carat.

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