Diamond Engagement Rings to Dazzle

Want to propose to the love of your life? What better way to do it than the traditional way- with a diamond engagement ring. Think like the Blue Sapphire and diamond ring worn by Princess Diana which was also in the spotlight when her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton wore it for her engagement announcement.

Engagement is a happy occasion for a couple. The everlasting commitment mutually expressed is symbolized b the eternal diamond in the engagement ring. After all, love is as timeless as the diamond.


Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) is an online store that features diamond jewelry like diamond engagement ring. They have an exquisite collection of engagement diamond rings.

Make a lifelong commitment with our eternal range of engagement rings. QJI recognizes the significance of engagement whatever be your station of life. Diamond engagement rings are prized by all classes of people from the common man to the rich and famous. As such QJI provides diamond engagement rings of both expensive, high end nature to ones that are reasonably priced.

Our selection of engagement diamond rings are the best and rarest in clarity, cut, color and carat. They combine handcrafted, classic elegance with modern glamour and sophistication. QJI promises to deliver the finest diamonds set in rings of yellow gold and white gold.

It is likely that you want to gift your lover the best of diamond engagement rings. QJI features an assortment of colored diamonds engagement rings such as those featuring white, black, yellow and pink diamonds engagements rings.

Cut is the most important quality of a diamond. It depends on the artistry of craftsmen and how the facets of the diamond interact with light. Choice of cuts include cushion cut engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings or round engagement rings.

Carat is the physical weight of the diamond. Clarity refers to the transparency of the diamond- whether it has internal elements called as inclusions and external qualities like blemishes. The most prized diamonds are colorless, of heavy carat weight, beautiful cut and minimum blemishes and inclusions.

Designs and cuts of diamond engagement rings can be made to order as per your requirement. Size is a crucial component and the ring can be customized to your size. Customers often customize wedding rings and men’s wedding bands to match the engagement rings. At QJI, such sets of rings are easily available.

Shopping with QJI is a pleasant experience. From the convenience and comfort of your home, browse through the various designs of engagement rings, arranged neatly in categories in the QJI site. QJI is meant primarily for the US market. As such shipping to anywhere in the US is free. For anywhere else in the world, shipping is a flat $35.

The QJI motto is “Good Price, Good Product and Good service’. The main aim of QJI is to offer high quality diamond jewelry at reasonable prices.

It works on wholesale retail principle. QJI buys diamonds directly from manufacturers and crafts jewelry at its high end facility. This is then sold to the customers by passing any showroom costs. Cost advantage is passed on to customer in terms of discounted prices.



  1. Great rings to make persona reflecting and more admirable. Love is as timeless as the diamond. I would love to add on this into my attire as day of engagement. Thanks for valuable advice.

  2. thannks for the info

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