Making bonds beautiful

When one thinks about relationships, one usually pictures the good and the bad times that the people involved in the relationship must share together. Some are bright and fiery like the sun while some impress with their cool moonlit glow. Just like there are various types of relationships people share, there are also unique engagement rings available to match every different type of relationships. So, if you are in the market for cheap wedding rings and accompanying wedding rings; or if you are looking for “him and her” set to make the love of the both of you match on many levels, Queen Jewels has something to offer all of you.

Engagement rings are traditionally simpler than wedding rings. They signify the first step that a couple takes to seal their relationship. Whether set in 14K white or yellow gold, set with a spectacular collection of small and large diamonds, engagement rings will certainly make your bonds stronger and beautiful.

Traditional engagement rings usually consist of a band of gold, a single large diamond in the shape of a square or circle, flanked on both sides by a set of smaller diamonds. The main stone can also have a ring of diamonds around it to make it look more stunning.

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• Engagement rings, keeping up with modern times, have also undergone some changes. Queen Jewels has a selection of choice round diamond engagement ring sets that consist of one ring for the engagement and one for the wedding. You could also go for just that single engagement ring that features a stunning chocolate diamond, or choose an unconventional metal for your ring such as rose gold. Rose gold has that lovely blush to the metal that would surely bring out the bride and groom glow when rings are exchanged.

• Do you prefer to express your love with a Gothic twist? Then you could go for this engagement ring that has a fabulous combination one large black diamond haloed by tiny white diamonds, all in a ring of white gold. Care is taken to match the quality of the metal and the diamonds. So while the gold is usually of 14K, the carats of the diamonds could range from 0.25 to 2.50 carats.

• Queen Jewels specializes in manufacturing jewels that not only look beautiful but whose charm does not fade easily. Just as much care is taken in selecting the finest diamonds of good cuts and high clarity so that the ring sparkles every time you look it even after you have been wearing for decades, they also take pride in making rings of the finest gold. White gold has that clean, simply yet beautiful aura that complements the fiery flash of the diamonds perfectly well.

The central diamond could be embedded in the ring or set a little raised when compared to the other tiny stones. The craftsmanship used to ensure each stone sits perfectly in the ring and that are extremely secure indicates that Queen Jewels have been at this art for many years and will continue to make their fans happy with their supply of good jewels.

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