Brightening your evenings beautifully

Sunlight symbolizes mirth and radiance everywhere. Come nightfall, we find artificial ways to brighten up our lives. One of the most beautiful ways in which you can accentuate the velvety darkness to make it more mystical than scary is by using breath-taking diamond jewelry. Queen Jewels is name you can reckon with to you provide you a splendid array of diamonds and precious stones set in rings, necklaces and much more. But talk about evenings and not everyone prefers wearing very heavy jewelry. Subtle ones like such as cocktail diamond rings are perfect for your evening outings with friends and family.

Cocktail rings have not made a wave in fashion recently. They have been adorning the hands of both men and women for many centuries. Inspired by the antique designs and emboldened by the newer ones, Queen Jewels has a selection of black and white diamond cocktail rings that you simply cannot resist if you are in the market for one of these (and sometimes, even when you’re not!).

• We use many precious and semi-precious stones to make our rings look fantastic. Select from the traditional large, white solitaire diamond ring or splurge on a royal blue, square cut sapphire ring that is surrounded by several, tiny white diamonds and make an impressive statement wherever you go. Smoky quartz, beryl and carnelian are some of the semi-precious stones that we also use, especially for those who would like a really big rock on the top of the ring with a slim band to complete the look. The band itself may be plain or encrusted with smaller diamonds or other precious stones.


• Those who love diamonds will surely love our collection of cocktail rings. From the alluring black diamonds, that will draw every eye in the room you are in, to the boldly cut tear drop diamond; there is a wide variety of diamond-centric cocktail rings that you can choose from. While the semi-precious stones can range between 1 to 10 carats, we use diamonds 0.50 to 4.25 carats. The band can be made of white or yellow gold, depending on what kind of outfit you are looking to accessorize with your ring. We only use 14k gold in our cocktail rings.

• Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby – These are some of the commonly used previous stones apart from diamonds in our selection of cocktail rings. Pave diamond cocktail rings bedazzle some while the depth of a large, round emerald mounted on a circle of diamonds will capture someone else’s interest. We at Queen Jewels will give you such a marvelous combination of craftsmanship and finishing that you will feel like wearing your cocktail even when you retire for the night, perhaps!

Our carefully selected materials such as precious and semi-precious stones, metals to make the rings and the patterns make for an excellent buy for you both quality and economy-wise. Our cocktail rings’ price range is between $655 and $3,000. The promise of beauty and longevity with any of our products is priceless.

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