Celebrating togetherness with diamonds

We all talk about love and marriage in one breath. Stop for a moment and think – is that all there is to a successful marriage? Doesn’t any other personal trait hold two people together for many, many years? Is love alone enough to make a marriage last? The answer is no. The willingness to make a marriage strong enough to weather the bad times is equally important. So, when you have overcome all the odds and have still managed to keep your marriage intact, find an equally appropriate way to celebrate your anniversary! Diamond wedding anniversary bands are gorgeous to look at and are one of the best gifts you can give to your special someone to last forever.

Queen Jewels is not here to help you commemorate just fabulous occasions like weddings and birthdays. We are here to help you make even smaller occasions such as anniversaries memorable. Our collection of diamond white gold solitaire bands will surely impress you with the quality of the stones used, the excellent finishing and with the gleaming white gold. Our rings are masterpieces because of the care and craftsmanship that is shown to every single piece of jewellery crafted by us.

There are a variety of anniversary rings that you can select from. Prices range between $499 and $1,555. If you are looking for a simple design that will complement your wedding rings well, then go for our selection of slim diamond anniversary bands with small white diamonds adorning the top while the rest of the ring is a simple band of white gold of 14K.

Sometimes, we are not able to gift our loved ones the best that there is because of various reasons. If you missed out on buying a gorgeous wedding band but are now able to buy an anniversary band, make if special by going for the broader rings with large diamonds encrusted on the entire ring circumference.


If you want to, you can buy an entire diamond wedding band set that includes wedding and anniversary rings. Queen Jewels has a splendid collection of both rings available for easy delivery. All you need to do is spend some time choosing the right shape and size and leave the rest to us!

We use the finest of diamonds and metals in all our jewels. Whether you buy a solitaire ring or a ring with many diamonds set in it, we will maintain high quality levels in all of them. Diamonds used can be of 0.50 carats or 3.03 carats or anything in between. We also have select sets of anniversary bands in 14K yellow gold with a very different, linked design. The ring’s metal band is interlocked and the locks are highlighted with two tiny diamonds to make it a very appealing choice for the more flamboyant people.

By selecting one of these rings, you can be assured that you are getting a perfect blend of style, convenience, beauty, durability, value and perfect finishing. So, buy one of these today and make your bond with each other even more sparkling!

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