Collection of Three Stone Diamond Ring

Want to cement your romantic relationship forever? Sparkling diamond rings will help you achieve the task with ease as diamonds are symbols of eternal and everlasting love. Celebrate with diamond wedding or engagement rings.

Among diamond rings, there is special significance for three stone diamond rings. These can be made of three diamond solitaires or two gemstones surrounding a single diamond and set in white gold or yellow gold.

White gold and yellow gold maybe in 10 k, 14 k or 18k. For example, there are diamond three stone ring in 14k white gold and diamond three stone ring in 10k white gold.

Make a powerful statement of your love with the three stone diamond rings with each gemstone symbolizing everlasting love, fidelity and friendship.

A perfect diamond three stone ring consists of 3 pieces of brilliant cut solitaires prong set to 10k, 14k or 18k white and yellow gold. Choosing a 3 stone diamond ring may be a daunting task if it is uncharted territory.

Shop at Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) for an exquisite collection of 3 stone diamond ear rings! You can consult our expert craftsmen to design an exclusive piece for you. If you are not sure what you want, it is better to do some research with friends or independent online sources.


There is nothing more delightful and enjoyable than browsing through our collection of 3 stone diamond rings. Make a great style statement by gifting a three stone diamond ring. Featuring graceful diamond solitaires, we have mesmerizing designs which capture the attention of everyone wherever you go.

The rings feature diamond solitaires from 0.5 carats to 6 carats. They are popular in US and European markets as symbols of engagement or wedding.

Solitaire diamonds are of different cuts, carats and shapes. Examples include oval diamond three stone ring and diamond 3-stone ring 1 ct. t.w.

Cost of diamond 3 stone ring is quite reasonable with prices starting from $595. The secret behind low prices is simple: We source precious stones and metals form finest manufacturing hubs in the world and craft it into jewelry at our own factory. This is then sold directly to online customers avoiding middlemen.

Avoiding show room costs enable us to reduce our prices. Quality is also guaranteed with our jewelry being certified and hall marked.

Select a beautiful 3 stone diamond rings from our collection and pleasantly surprise your prospective spouse by proposing with this as an engagement ring. A sparkling wedding ring has always been the stuff of every girl’s dream since childhood.

Queen Jewels features dazzling solitaires that are sure to capture the heart of every woman. You can go in for an ultra-luxurious design by choosing a special item- a single solitaire diamond flanked by two precious stones- chooses from rubies, sapphires or emeralds. Or you can have a design with two diamond solitaires flanking a single gemstone in the centre. Whatever you choose, it is bound to captivate the object of your affection.

Get shopping with us for jewelry of matchless prices and peerless quality.

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