Sparkle With Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are desired by every woman getting married and she would like matching wedding bands for her groom. Diamond rings for wedding have an eternal appeal standing for timeless fidelity and commitment.

Queen Jewels Inc. features an excellent and extensive collection of diamond wedding rings for couples tying the knot. We understand the importance of diamond wedding rings for him and her: so each piece is crafted with great artistry and originality by our craftsmen.

Diamond wedding rings are a great way to celebrate the historic day when you cement your romantic relationship for eternity. The proud groom and the blushing bride will sparkle wearing their sacred diamond wedding rings.

One fact you need to consider is that a wedding ring will be worn every day. Before you start shopping for a diamond wedding ring, you must do your home work: do you want your wedding ring to match your engagement ring or your watch? Do you want something simple or unique and over the top?


You must start shopping for your wedding ring two to three months before your big day. This way you have adequate time to get it customized like getting the rings engraved with your name or some other message. You must also plan your wedding ring budget- expect it to cost at least 3% of your total wedding budget.

Consult experts of QJI on designs of wedding rings especially to match your wedding attire as well as for correct fit. We offer certified jewelry in all shapes, sizes and colors. QJI has unique wedding rings for the bride and wedding bands for the groom like black diamond wedding rings for her and white diamond bands for him.

We offer ethereal jewelry at unbelievable prices. We fuse hand crafted, classic elegance with modern glamour and sophistication. Diamonds in our rings have different cuts like princess cut, marquise cut, pear cut, round cut, and colors like black, yellow and white diamonds.

You can either buy diamond rings for your wedding or if you have not done this for your wedding, gift diamond rings for 25th wedding anniversary. You can order the correct size as well as a design you like. The wedding ring designs are especially valued for their exclusivity and creativity

There is a secret behind the rock bottom prices. QJI sources diamonds and precious metals from manufacturing- mining hubs round the world. This is then fashioned into jewelry at their factory. After this, the jewelry is sold directly to customers by online means bypassing any middlemen like show rooms. All cost savings are transferred to customers in the way of discounted prices.

Shopping with us inconvenient and risk free. The site has a simple user- interface which you can navigate easily and place orders. Fill up your online shopping cart and make your payment through secure online gateways. Any personal information you use will not be saved nor shared with a third party

Shipping is free of charge in the U.S. and a flat $35 in rest of the world. Our motto is “Great price, great product, and great service”.

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