Wedding Diamond Rings for Women

Diamonds are timeless and eternal and thus are symbols of long lasting love and fidelity. A wedding diamond ring is thus a popular adornment for married women, presented to them by their husbands on the sacred day of their wedding.

Diamonds are versatile and can complement any outfit. Since ages women have been wearing diamond wedding rings that they wore for the first time as blushing brides on their wedding day. Though the concept of a wedding diamond ring is very old, it became really popular in the 1930’s. Nowadays most brides and married women love to wear diamond wedding rings.

Khanna Jewels Co. (KJC) is an online store showcasing a grand collection of different wedding diamond ring. The rings are created in exquisite designs and with the best quality diamond stones.

The basic principle of presenting a diamond wedding ring to your lady love is to promise eternal love and commitment. The ring signifies that she will wear it her whole life and love you for eternity. Recent trend is that both men and women exchange diamond wedding rings on their wedding day.

Wedding jewellery, particularly diamond wedding rings for women are considered very valuable and scared as it connects two people to a life of love, honour and fidelity. Diamonds are strong, pure and long-lasting, so they are valued for romantic commitment like engagements and weddings.


A diamond wedding ring improves the appearance of your hand as well as makes a style statement reflecting your personality. The diamond stone never gets dull nor does its sparkle fade away, so it stands for the eternal quality of your marriage.

You will find shopping for diamond wedding rings an enjoyable experience at KJC. Choose from a wide collection of designer wedding rings, wedding anniversary rings, bridal rings, old wedding rings, wedding ring sets, and love bands and couple wedding rings.

The varied designs of rings will sweep you off your feet. Our collection of diamond rings is not only alluring and attractive but also original and exclusive. A wedding ring purchased from Khanna Jewellers has its own special quality.

Wedding ring diamond cuts of different types are available at our site like princess cut, cushion cut, Pear cut, round cut, emerald cut, etc. The value of diamond rings depends on the different wedding ring diamond cuts.

We at KJC know that when you shop for wedding rings, you are on the lookout for a master piece as well as that which fits your budget. Therefore, we have diamond rings of different price ranges –from rock bottom to luxurious. We present different wedding diamond ring of top quality at reasonable prices.

If you think that cheap diamond rings at KJC are a compromise on quality, you are absolutely in the wrong. The secret behind the prices at KJC is the wholesale-retail principle. KJC sources its diamonds and precious metal from the finest manufacturing hubs in the world.

It is then crafted into fine jewellery in KJC’s own factories. now sells this jewellery to the customer directly from its online store. Thus, it avoids middlemen and the related costs. This is the reason behind the matchless pricing and peerless quality of jewellery from KJC.

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