When colours and shapes meet to create stunners

In order for something spectacular to happen, it is necessary for two or more extraordinary forces to combine and give birth to the unusual. Just like that, when you make a great combination of gemstones and metals in rings, you come up with really unique and appealing rings that can be used for multiple purposes. Queen Jewels offers you a really tempting selection of diamond gemstone rings that are combinations of diamonds with one or more precious or semi-precious stones.

What are the stones used?

Did you know diamonds are available in a variety of colours and shapes? Queen Jewels has a fabulous collection that features yellow gemstone diamond rings, pink gemstone diamond rings and even usual diamond rings with other gemstone accents?

The diamonds can be of 0.10 carats or 7.40 carats or can have carats that lie in this range. Prices of these rings can start at $500 and could go up to $1,100 depending on the size and cut of the diamonds being used.

Other precious stones that are used in collaboration with diamonds, either as the main centre piece or to create a good contrast to the main diamond in the centre by flanking it on its sides are sapphires, rubies, emeralds and amethyst. Some of the semi-precious stones that feature in this collection are pearls, tourmalines of various colours, topaz and tanzanite.


We believe in selecting on the finest of the stones, whether they are diamonds or their semi-precious cousins. In addition to the stones, Queen Jewels also pays special attention to the design and finishing of each of our products. Even, if it is a simple oval purplish sapphire that has a circle of small diamonds around it, we ensure the design remains unique either with the 14K white gold used to form the ring band or with the finishing given to the metal that surrounds the diamonds and point outwards.

Diamond gemstone ring designs with Queen Jewels are not restricted to just solitaires or round cuts. We also experiment with other cuts such as a large, round diamond is cut in such a way that if you look into it, you will feel like the stone is shooting beams inside it. This central diamond can be surrounded by groups of diamonds that are in out together in the shape of a flower or a star. In between two such clusters of peripheral diamond arrangement, you can also have tiny, pink tourmalines. Pave shaped diamond rings, those cut into a large, bold square or arranged in the pattern of a flower or a radiating star will also interest you.

So, go ahead and choose from our excellent choice of diamond and gemstone rings and appreciate the beauty the combination of diamonds and other stones can bring about. What could have been yet another plain, white pearl ring can be made even more stunning with the use of small clusters of orange tourmalines and white diamonds on either side of the ring. There are many, many more such rings that will fascinate you, so don’t you waste any time and check out our collection today!

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