Women’s Diamond Wedding Bands

The love story of your life will commence from engagement, will be celebrated through marriage and replenished through anniversaries. A diamond wedding band will carry you through these important events in your life.

A diamond is pure and eternal and diamond wedding bands stand for eternal love and commitment. But shopping for the perfect wedding band is really difficult due to the variety of cuts, colours and carats available.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features an exclusive collection of diamond wedding bands for your special day and for the years to come. A diamond wedding band is a sacred symbol of marriage. The women’s diamond wedding bands consist of diamonds set in yellow or white gold.

Different wedding band styles include diamonds covering the entire length of the ring or only the top half of the ring. KJC believes that the value of the diamond wedding band rests on the craftsmanship of its cut as well as colour and carat of diamonds. So if you are searching for vintage or modern designs, we will help you choose the best diamond wedding band for your lady.


Diamonds are the eternal stones symbolizing timeless love. Its sparkle never dies and so it promises that the sparkle in your married life will never waver. KJC features an unsurpassable and ethereal collection of diamond wedding and anniversary bands.

One of the sweetest phases in your romantic life is when she says yes to “will you marry me” and ‘I do” at the altar. Express your gratefulness with a perfect diamond wedding band- a subtle way to say thanks for her love and affection for you.

The diamond wedding bands at Khanna Jewellers exude a classy elegance that makes them the quintessential choice for the beautiful bride on the most special day of her life. Diamond bands can be presented throughout the lifetime in the form of anniversary bands.

Our wedding bands come in simple or opulent designs. You can choose from yellow diamond bands to those set in white or yellow gold; different wedding band types and different wedding band shapes. For instance, the carat of the diamonds can range from 10 cents to 5 carats.

KJC also features wedding bands for men. More and more men are wearing wedding bands as symbols of loyalty and commitment to their partners. Nowadays, men’s wedding bands are embellished with diamonds and gem stones as liked by their better halves.

For couples who desire to wear wedding bands that are of matching designs or complementing each other, Khannajewelsco.com has a paired set of wedding band standing for mutual love and trust. Our matching wedding bands will suit the taste and liking of both bride and groom and will be a delightful purchase.

We will make diamond wedding bands as affordable as possible. This is possible due to the wholesale-retail principle that we follow. We source diamonds and precious metals from finest mining hubs in the world and transform them to finely crafted jewellery in the KJC factory.

This is then sold directly to customer via the online store. KJC avoids middlemen and thus saves on show room costs. This enables us to charge very reasonable prices for the jewellery. So, for quality, design and affordability, we are the best bet!

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