Express Love through Heart Shape Rings

Diamond jewellery is much sought after by women all over the world. Being eternal, diamonds are a symbol of timeless romance and commitment.

Diamond rings are particularly cherished by women. They often serve as engagement rings and wedding rings. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store that markets exquisite range of diamond jewellery including diamond rings.

Gold and diamond rings at KJC make a woman look glamorous and sophisticated. We understand that every piece of jewellery you own has some intense emotions attached to it. Therefore, we imbue every diamond ring with precision and perfection.

We have diverse designs of diamond rings at our site. Major types include diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond solitaire rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond designer rings, diamond gemstone rings, diamond bands and diamond heart shape rings.

Diamond heart shape rings are a beautiful design of rings. Some rings may even feature double heart design. These rings are related to love and romance. As such they are ideal gifts for Valentine’s Day, engagement, weddings and anniversaries.

Heat shaped ring designs feature diamonds set in yellow or white gold of 14k or 18k. Diamonds used have perfect cut, flawless clarity, vibrant colour and a range of carats.

Examples of diamond heart shape rings are heart 0.18 carat round diamond 14k yellow gold anniversary gift ring, natural Diamond 14k gold Heart Shape Anniversary Ring and diamond 14k gold double heart ring.

These are great gifts for your girl friend, fiancé or wife. They will appreciate the message of eternal love and commitment expressed through these heart shaped rings.


Our heart shaped rings are so beautiful that the suit most occasions and attires- be it casual or formal. They feature diamonds of different unusual colours like yellow and black diamonds.

Another colourful collection is heart shaped rings combining diamonds with gemstones. Thus, in addition to the sparkle of diamonds, the heart shape rings features luscious pearls, gorgeous pink and blue sapphires, elegant green and gold emeralds and brilliant red rubies.

Some also feature semi-precious stone s like Turquoise, Coral, garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Topaz, tourmaline and opal. They make the heart shaped rings extra colourful and vibrant.

Gemstone and diamond heart shaped rings are much popular for bridal and wedding collection. You can get rings designed according to your taste and requirements. Our craftsmen are ready to create bespoke designs.

If you are shopping for a beautiful heart shaped diamond rig to impress your lady, seek the advice of our craftsmen.

They will present you with options that suit all budgets.

You will find it satisfying to shop from KJC as we sell jewellery of very high quality and diverse designs at very reasonable rates. This is possible because we sell jewellery on a wholesale-retail basis.

This only means that we craft jewellery at our own factory after sourcing raw material from leading manufacturing hubs and sell it directly to online customers bypassing middlemen. Our low prices are a result of the savings on show rooms and middlemen.

Shop from for total satisfaction! We follow the motto-‘Great Product, great price and great service.’

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