Shine bright at your wedding!

A wedding ring means the most of a woman and that’s why at Queen Jewels, you will get the best diamond engagement rings. A shinning, charming and scintillating ring is all you need. A diamond engagement ring signifies eternity. And trust us, the diamond rings we have will last forever.

You can get engagement rings in several types, kinds and sizes. Check out what all we have in our catalogue: –

• Cushion cut: The cushion cut is a classic diamond engagement ring. Many celebrities are seen spotting this style.

• Princess cut: If you do not want to go too sparkly or bling types, then the princess cut is ideal for you. This neat cut has been in trend since ages.


• Round cut: If you do not want cushion or princess cut then round is always a safe bet. If you are planning to propose to the love of your life and unsure which engagement ring to pick then opt the round diamond ring.

• Gemstones ring: If you admire gemstones then you can either add diamond and gemstones in your wedding ring or else you can get a ring entirely of one gemstone of gemstones. We have many different pure gems like, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topaz, turquoise and many others.

• Other needs: If you want a certain size then we can customise and make it too. You can order as per your size and designs from Queen Jewels. We have the diamond white gold solitaire ring certified in our options too. The unique diamond wedding rings we have will leave you startling.

• Set bands: We also have special set bands for men and women featuring, diamond wedding band sets in silver, gold, white gold, brown, and black diamond. Not just these options but keep browsing our online portal for more options.

• Base metal: We have the ultimate white gold base material to pick from. The charm of a white gold base is brilliant and radiant. You will be startled to see how shinning and beautifully designed it is.

While buying a ring for your woman, make sure you check her ring size properly. If the ring is not fitting well, then get it exchanged. To determine your ring size or her ring size, visit the how to measure your ring size option. Just take a string or a piece of paper and wrap it around your finger well and firm, then with the help of our ring size chart, measure your accurate size and place the order. Why take a risk when it comes to the size? Just follow the instructions on the size chart on the site.

After a woman looks at the diamond ring, she will instantly say yes. That is how amazingly well we have designed and created the engagement diamond rings. Plus, the prices are reasonable. Now skip paying extra showroom prices. Besides all this, we have certified products so if you require any certifications; you can get them too on the site.

Surprise your lady love with the most precious diamond wedding ring.

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