Solitaire- Expression of classic beauty

When one thinks of classic, the first thing that comes to mind is solitaire diamond ring. Invoking the royalty of the Victorian era, solitaires are one glamour jewel stone which have a unique charm of its own. Further, black diamond adds the required tinge of ravishing statement, creating a jewel piece that is simply stunning. Yes, black diamonds are the latest trend as they fervor a look which is jaw dropping amazing. Queens Jewels Inc offers a gamut of black diamond solitaire rings in different styles and patterns which is sure to allure your beloved.

Solitaires are a perfect gift to treasures ones daunting love in a regal manner. Apt for presenting in engagement, anniversaries or Christmas Eve, the solitaires are one amazing gift which can instantly bring about a smile and gleam in the eyes of the beloved. Natural diamond yellow gold solitaire engagement ring is traditional classics which have been in demand since ages. It is the sheer brilliance of the shiny yellow metal that enhances the beauty of the diamonds that make it a popular favorite. However, with changing times, the demand for white gold is increasing.Natural diamond white gold solitaire engagement ring offers a glazing and awe striking piece which has un-parallel beauty. In addition, there are other options of natural fancy color diamond white gold engagement ring which have a tinge of hued shade that gives a different kind of appeal to the usual Swarovski structure. There are chemical ways to enhance the color of the diamonds which are as follows:


• Irradiation- with the help of sub-atomic particles.

• Coating of the surface of diamonds with a thin film.

• Application of high temperature and pressure.

Usually, the third one is used for enhancing the color of the diamonds and giving then the hued effect.

Another important point to keep in mind, while selecting the solitaire is the cut of the diamond. Whether it is a one carat subtle piece or a five carat magnificent one, cut is important in the sense that it the shine depends solely on the type of cut. Queens’s Jewels Inc. offers the following kinds of cuts:

• Heart Shaped cut- Keeping in tone with the romantic theme, heart shaped cut seems an ideal choice for black diamond solitaires. Intricately crafted heart shape ooze out the expression of love with ease.

• Princess Cut diamond- Quite a famous kind of cut, princess cut consists of more or less a square cut diamond which is elegantly crafted on the band.

• Emerald Cut diamond- Elegant cropping in the corners of the rectangular shaped diamond shapes the diamonds in a regal emerald cut which is simply mesmerizing.

Though these are the popular cuts, Queen offers an option of customization, wherein various other forms of cut such as round, oval or asscher can be designed depending on the whims and desires of the customers. Solitaires can be personalized for the ultimate effect. With Queen’s, one can get varieties of solitaire collection and can easily find a piece suiting their taste.

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