Perfect Heart Shaped Rings

A perfect ring on fingers reflects a great deal about the personality of the wearer. As such if you are shopping for engagement rings for your beloved, take great care about its shape and design.

Women have been obsessed with diamonds since ages. Diamond rings have especially been prized as engagement rings. Diamonds are eternal, so they symbolize time less love and commitment. Diamond rings are valued as engagement rings.

Khanna Jewels Co features an alluring and exclusive collection of diamond rings. We know that there are some intense emotions attached to every piece of jewellery owned by a woman. Therefore, we imbue every item of diamond jewellery with originality and creativity.

Every diamond ring at our site blends an art and craft, never seen before or elsewhere. Our unique designs of diamond rings are sure to leave you mesmerized. We have both trendy as well as antique designs, which can complement any type of attire you wear.

Main designs of diamond rings at our site are diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond solitaire rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond white gold rings, diamond designer rings, diamond gemstone rings, diamond bands and diamond heart shaped rings.


Thus, we have a ring to match every occasion from wedding to festival celebrations to cocktail parties. The sparkle of diamond ring will attract envy wherever you wear them.

The most popular designs are heart shaped engagement rings. The rings may features diamonds set as a single heart or a double heart.

Heart shaped rings can be presented to your girl friend, fiancée or wife. These rings are associated with love and romance and suitable for engagement, wedding and anniversary gifts. They feature solitaire or clusters of diamonds set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k. Examples are Natural Diamond 14k Solid Yellow gold Heart Ring and round diamond 14k yellow gold anniversary gift ring.

Diamond engagement rings are usually heart shaped with either diamonds solitaires or diamond clusters. The value of a diamond solitaire depends on the four C’s- Cut, Colour, Carat and Clarity.

Cut is the most important and depends on the artistry of craftsmen. It determines how light passes through the facets of the diamond and its total finish. Clarity refers to the presence or absence of internal ‘inclusion’ and external blemishes. High clarity diamonds with minimum blemishes and inclusions are most coveted.

Colour refers to the range of colours that a diamond comes in ranging from pure white to yellow to black. For instance, KJC features black diamond heart shaped engagement rings. Pure white is the traditional favourite.

Carat refers to physical weight of diamonds with higher carats commanding more prices. KJC features diamond rings from very small carats for the low budget consumer to high carats for the high-end customer. Some heart shaped diamond rings also feature gemstones like rubies, sapphires, pearls and emeralds.

Diamond heart shaped rings sell profusely during Valentine’s Day and other festive occasions. Many men choose this design while proposing to their girlfriend. Some women wear them regularly on a daily basis as a symbol of their love for their spouse.

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