Get Engaged With a Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond Engagement Ring – the most coveted precious stones for engagement and weddings. Why are diamonds associated with such sacred occasions?

A diamond has an eternal shine that never fades with time. It is the same timelessness that we want from our romance and marriage. A diamond engagement ring symbolizes that the intense emotions associated with your engagement does not fade away. It means you want your commitment to marry not to wither away.

A diamond is considered as a blessed stone that bodes good fortune to the engaged and married couple. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a unique collection of diamond engagement rings. It is fine piece of jewellery that will make you float on cloud nine.

Our entire collection of diamond rings is imbued with artistry and perfection at a scale beyond words. The touch of authenticity and purity of the diamond stones adds to the glory of every piece.

KJC features a matching set of engagement rings for couples. This includes engagement rings for women and engagement bands for men. In Indian traditions, both men and women exchange engagement rings.

At, you will find a splendid collection engagement ring designs to select from. All rings from our site are imbued with novelty and creativity. We are sure that on your special day, you will be transformed from ordinary to extra ordinary.


There are different types of diamond engagement rings at our site such as white gold ring, yellow gold ring, cushion cut diamond ring, princess cut diamond ring, round cut diamond ring, bridal rings, etc. You will face the arduous task of selecting one from among the myriad designs.

Engagement rings feature diamonds of various carats set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k. Solitaire rings are the most popular design. Top picks from our site include 0.60 ct diamond round shape14k yellow gold solitaire ring and 0.70 ct Diamond 14k Solid gold Engagement ring.

KJC understands the heavy investment you make in an engagement ring and that it must fit your financial plan, once you like the design. This is because of the heavy expenses that come along with your wedding. Therefore, we have separate segments for rings of different price ranges to match all types of budgets.

We are sure you will find a ring that fits your budget. You can compromise on clarity and carats and get a beautiful solitaire diamond with exquisite cut and vibrant colour. From among the 4 C’s- Cut, colour, clarity and carat, you can mix and match features to find the perfect ring for you.

We have an extensive range of diamond engagement rings. If you want to blow her away with a solitaire, you can find many single diamond winners at our site.

Khanna Jewellers insists that you make comparisons of prices and designs at various online retailers before taking an informed decision. We are sure you will be completely satisfied by shopping with us. After all an engagement ring is an investment for a lifetime. So make your loved one feel super special on the most memorable day in your lives.

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