Sparkle In Diamond Cocktail Rings

Diamond cocktail rings are simply stunning pieces of jewelry. They make for bold fashion statements and are therefore called as ‘Statement Rings.’

Diamond cocktail rings have been members of gala receptions since the 1930’s. These rings adorn fingers of beautiful ladies and would make them the centre of attraction of all events.

A cocktail ring is a big dramatic ring, usually worn at cocktail parties. But today these rings are worn as beautiful accessories to even casual outfits.

Nowadays cocktail rings have assumed a new meaning of splendor and elegance. They come in many different designs and have become costume jewelry suitable for various occasions like balls, cocktail parties, prom parties, birthday celebrations, engagements and weddings. Go centre stage with loud and flashy cocktail diamond rings at any occasion.

Queen Jewels Inc (QJI) provides you with ultimate designs of cocktail rings in diamond. Our cocktail rings feature the best of four C’s- Carat, Clarity, Cut and Carats. Get ready to be amazed by our collection, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and vibrant colors.


Diamonds of fancy colors like black and yellow as well as brilliant colors of precious stones like sapphires, emeralds and rubies are used to make fantastic cocktail diamond rings. We put a smile on everyone’s face with our beautiful yet reasonably priced diamond rings.

Diamond cocktail rings can be used to give a makeover to your personality, according to your taste and mood. It doesn’t matter whether you chose a modern, classic or antique design; cocktail rings suit every gathering and occasion.

We use diamonds and gemstones of a variety of carats from 1ct to 10cts. Diamond cocktail rings also feature semi-precious stones like beryl, smoky quarts and carnelian. Cocktail rings may feature precious and semi-precious stones surrounding a single diamond in the centre.

Diamonds at center may be of different shapes. Top picks from our site include 2.00 ct diamond 2.60 ct ruby gold cocktail ring certified and 1.00 ct diamond 5.00 ct blue sapphire gold cocktail ring.

Cocktail rings can transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. Simple actions like holding a glass of martini can look stunning by flashing a cocktail ring on your finger. Get ready to be swept away with a deluge of complements.

QJI features a collection of men’s and women’s diamond cocktail rings for weddings and anniversaries with intricate detailing. This range of rings is mostly of chunky type and if you want to impress a loved one with a very flashy personality, nothing is better than a cocktail ring.

Amongst our collection of big diamond cocktail rings, there are diamond cluster rings which will make one appear gorgeous. Every diamond encrusted on cocktail rings expresses the intense emotion of undying love.

Cocktail rings feature diamonds and precious stones from 2 to 30 carats. They offer amazing combinations of precious metal and precious and semiprecious stones apart from diamonds.

If you are on the lookout for brilliant diamond cocktail rings, stop by at QJI. We feature impeccable designs at very reasonable prices. We are able to charge low prices as we avoid middlemen while making jewelry as well as selling to online customers.

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