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Want to commit to your loved one with a perfect ring? Antique design diamond rings are the soul of love and romance. They make for excellent engagement and wedding rings. A diamond ring is a precious treasure that represents the eternal promise of love.

Your desire to get committed forever is symbolized by the sparkle of timeless diamonds. Antique design diamond rings celebrate life with panache and élan. They capture forever the special moments of confidence, power and beauty.

We at Queen Jewels Inc feature an excellent collection of diamond wedding rings for women. Most notable in this collection are antique diamond wedding rings.

Antique design diamond rings for wedding offer a connection to the rich, opulent past of kings and queens. Mostly it refers to the Victorian era-when Queen Victoria reigned over England (1837 to 1901).

Antique designs of diamond wedding rings are made of rose cut, single cut and uncut diamonds. They are set in yellow gold or white gold or sterling silver with antique finish.

They may even feature rose cut diamonds combined with precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds as well as semi-precious stones like Amethyst, Tourmaline, Turquoise, Opal, Topaz, Garnet etc.

Sapphires may be pink or blue, rubies are red and emeralds are green, offering a colorful collection of diamond gemstone engagement rings. Gemstones are believed to also have mystic powers. For example, Amethysts are believed to bring good luck. Top picks from our site include Blue Sapphire Silver Antique Reproduction Ring and diamond amethyst silver wedding ring.

diamond gold rings for women

Our site also offers a designer collection crafted by our expert craftsmen. The latter have an idea of latest trends including demand for vintage design. Unique designs are popular for weddings, anniversaries and bridal collection of rings.

A diamond gold ring for wedding is an investment for a lifetime. Hence you may be worried about the quality of diamonds. Our diamonds are 100% pure: natural and untreated. They feature perfect cut, flawless clarity, vibrant color and a range of carats to suit all budgets and tastes.

The best part of antique design diamond rings is that they are available at very reasonable prices. They are the best way to economize on wedding expenses. Rings are available starting from $100.

Vintage or Victorian designs rings are divided into three periods: Romantic period, Grand period and Aesthetic period. In the Romantic period, jewelry was obsessed with motifs from nature: trees, birds, flowers, insects, serpents.

Grand period began with death of Prince Albert. There was a surge in mourning jewelry made of material like black onyx, jet and black enamel.

This was followed by a trend of revival jewelry. Archaeological expeditions to Egypt, Rome and Greece saw a rise in designs inspired by ancient Etruscan and Egyptian fashions.

The Aesthetic period saw a rejection of imitation trends and encouraged fresh and original designs. This included art and craft movement and designs inspired by Mughal Indian and Japanese art.

Antique design wedding rings from Jewels Queen reflect some of these trends in the Victorian period. They are a great way to buy rings that are stunning in looks and matchless in prices.

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