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A perfect emerald diamond ring is a great treasure which can be used at moments that last a lifetime- be it engagement or wedding. It is a precious possession that represents some of the eternal promises you made to your loved one.

Emerald diamond rings are particularly valued for their timeless nature. The diamonds carry the message of ‘forever love’. They mark celebrations of life imbued with style statements. They stand for beauty, confidence and power.

Khanna Jewels offer the best of emerald diamond rings for the princess in your life or the queen of your heart. They may feature solitaire diamonds or diamonds and gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds. KJC features diamond rings which are one of a kind and have peerless beauty. For the subdued personalities, we offer sober designs of diamond solitaire rings or wedding bands.

Types of diamond rings at our site are diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond solitaire rings, diamond designer rings, diamond white gold rings, diamond bands, diamond heart shape rings and diamond gemstone rings (diamond sapphire rings, diamond ruby rings, diamond emerald rings).

The combination of sparkling diamonds and elegant emeralds is truly stunning. Emerald diamond engagement rings are popular items. Diamond and emerald rings are suitable for cocktail rings, engagement rings, wedding rings and anniversary rings. Khanna jewels features an exotic collection of emerald diamond rings.


Shapes of diamonds in emerald diamond rings vary from pear cut, round cut, emerald cut and oval cut (primary cut). KJC offers diamonds from 0.2 carats to 10 carats, set in yellow gold or white gold of 14k and 18k. Top picks from our site include emerald cut diamond engagement rings, emerald shaped diamond engagement rings and 2 carat emerald diamond engagement ring.

Diamond rings have an enduring mystique which harbours the glamorous side of a woman. They reveal the charming and tender side of a woman. Emerald diamond rings express the message clear: she occupies the top place in your heart and you want to stay committed to her for a lifetime.

Khanna Jewels is dazzling online jewellery store that features unmatched assortment of diamond rings. Spread your allure and grace with the hand crafted elegance of diamond rings from our site.

Since engagement rings are investments of a life time, you may be wary on many counts. For one, the quality of diamonds-we at Khanna jewel swear by the purity of diamonds-they are of perfect cut, flawless clarity, vibrant colour and a range of carats to fit any budget or taste. Secondly, they can be personalized to suit the customer. This means you can get bespoke designs by collaborating with our team of craftsmen.

Thirdly, you may worry about your budget. Good news is: we feature diamond jewellery at very reasonable prices. This we do by following wholesale-retail principle. We source diamonds and precious material directly from mining hubs around the world. This is crafted into fine jewellery at our own factory in Surat. This jewellery is sold directly to online customers avoiding middle men like show rooms. We pass on these cost savings to customers in form of low prices.

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