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Have you met the perfect partner of your life? You may have reached a point when you want to make her the love of your life forever. An engagement ring is the perfect answer! Seal your love with a diamond and gold ring that will keep her as yours forever.

The day that you get engaged to your girl will always remain special all your life. An engagement ring is a reminder of that day and will lock your feelings of love and promise of commitment all your life time.

You can choose an extraordinary day like Valentine’s Day to propose to your girlfriend, ready with a sparkling diamond ring. All memories of magical moments of that day will be remembered constantly every time she wears the engagement ring.

While investing in diamond engagement rings, you may be daunted by their price. But Jewels Queen features diamond rings to match all budgets and tastes.

Diamond engagement rings for women at jewels queen are made of diamonds of various carats set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k. Diamonds are certified for quality by independent agencies. Examples are 2.00ct natural diamond white gold solitaire ring certified and 1 .00 ct natural diamond white gold solitaire ring.


Different designs of diamond engagement rings are solitaire diamond rings, 3 solitaire diamond rings, diamond and gemstone rings and heart shaped diamond ring. Diamonds come in exquisite cuts like cushion cut, princess cut, pear cut, round cut, marquise cut, etc. would be perfect engagement rings for women.


We sell diamonds of topnotch quality, so you need not get worried about this aspect while shopping with Khanna jewels. Diamonds come in perfect cuts and flawless clarity with minimum inclusions and blemishes. There are different carats to suit all budgets.

One can order engagement designs according to your budget and taste. You will be helped by our team of experts to choose the beautiful diamond rings that are perfect for your needs.

At QJI, we understand the great sacrifice you make in purchasing an engagement ring, so we imbue each ring with perfection and originality. We feature ethereal designs at unbelievable prices. We sell at low prices because of our wholesale-retail principle. Buy diamond rings designs with low price.


We avoid middlemen while sourcing diamonds and precious metals and create jewelry in our own factory. We avoid middlemen also while selling jewelry directly to online customers. These cost savings are transformed to benefit customers in form of low prices.

Unique wedding rings at Jewels Queen combine hand crafted, classic elegance with modern glamour and sophistication. You may be overwhelmed by the sheer choice of engagement ring designs. But the best way to choose is to match the ring with the personality of their recipient- sober, sophistication for the subdued, low key personality and vibrant elegance of the outgoing, loud person.

QJI offers you the chance to buy colored engagement rings like brown, white, yellow, black and gold engagement rings. For enhancing impact, we offer choice of one stone, two stone or three stone rings. Solitaires may feature range of cuts and carats.

Our team of experts keeps tabs on jewelry trends in the U.S. and European markets. They provide ideas for the designer collection of engagement rings. Shipping is free in the U.S.

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