Easy and Effective Shopping Guide for Diamond Ruby Ring

Ruby wedding bands and Ruby engagement rings feature a gemstone loved for its amazing durability, rarity, high degree of fire and brilliance and fire, and a mesmerizing beauty. But it takes a smart shopper to spot ruby rings that hold an authentic and quality ruby gemstone. Here are the tips you should not forget when you go on a ruby shopping spree!

First of all, start by purchasing the ring from a specialize retailer in the gemstone wedding band and engagement ring category. Also, do not forget that the no-nonsense refund policy is important so deal only with a retailer who promises this policy. If he does not have this policy, you should not waste your time and money on him.

To be doubly sure that you are buying a engagement rings with rubies of quality, especially when you are paying for a large carat size, get it examined by a professional lab or certified appraiser. Always remember that rubies will be red.

The name ruby, in fact, comes from the word ‘ruber’ in Latin which means red. Gemstones, faked as rubies with a light pink color or any shade of pin is not a ruby.


Ruby is most desired in deep red, which almost is same as a blood red, and features a quality cut. It also has a good clarity rating. Small inclusions in such rubies are acceptable, such as the minute impurities within the stone. But blemishes in the stone, such as marks on the surface or any outer part of the stone, are not acceptable

For any enhancement the stone has undergone, as the dealer directly upfront. Remember that the heat treatments are very common and almost all stones receive this treatment, whether specified by the retailer or not. The other treatments, however, are not desirable and affect the value of the stone to a large extent. To confirm if the stone has undergone any other type of enhancements, you must get the stone appraised by an independent gemologist and only then settle on the gold and ruby ring.

Ruby Engagement Rings with Gold And Diamond

Ruby Engagement Rings 0.20 Ct Round Cut Certified Diamond Solid Yellow Gold Party

Synthetic rubies are widely available in the market. These are labeled as laboratory grown or lab created rubies. However, there is no dearth of frauds in the market and some unscrupulous traders claim that the synthetic rubies are real. This is again when you should get the ring appraised and ask for a refund policy so that when you discover you have been cheated, you can return the ruby gold rings for women.

If you come across a quality diamond and ruby engagement ring, made with rubies having good color, clarity and carat size with has an affordable price, there are high chances that you are being shown a heavily treated stone, which has lots of enhancements.

So, when you are to buy, remember that Diamond and ruby wedding rings must come along with a certificate certifying its authentic nature. Most preferably they should come from labs like the GIA, AGS, IGI or EGL. If it’s a vintage ruby ring, appraisal becomes mandatory.

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