Effective Shopping Guide of Emerald Rings and Bands

Treasured since centuries, the emerald engagement rings have a mesmerizing beauty which is quite rare. The stone is associated with planet Venus which is the Goddess of Love. The beauty of a green Designer rings for women remains unmatched by any other gemstone. However, the very high priced precious emerald rings need special care to make sure its quality lasts forever.

It is very essential to remember that when it comes to choosing an emerald, the more you pay, the better you get. Less priced emerald wedding bands and emerald engagement rings Design contain the stone which has high degree of cloudiness, inclusions and a very poor quality of color. They are available for very less but are in total contrast with an authentic emerald with good quality. The cheaper ones are more much brittle and much less durable.

Most of the natural emeralds contain inclusions but are of a lesser degree and have a high clarity rating. They are more durable and valued high.

Other important factors in the total cost of an emerald are the green color and a custom cut.


Some enhancements are acceptable, like oiling the emerald with colorless oils. But these gems will not be valued as much as those which have been given no treatment and still retain a great clarity. Watch out for diamond and emerald engagement ring or wedding bands collection that contain the D label emerald. This means the stone has been treated and dyed with colored oils.

Designer Collection of Emerald Rings

If you have budget restraints, vintage emerald rings and wedding bands that are crafted with small multiple stones set together will be affordable for you over the rings with a centre emerald with larger carat. Another brilliant alternative is the synthetic emerald ring. These posses the exact same properties as the natural emeralds (although few can come with minor inclusions which are invisible to the naked eye) Be sure that the workmanship on the emerald ring is of top notch and also the materials. Ensure that the stone is not a stimulant but actual synthetic.

Emerald Gemstone Ring

Emerald Gemstone Ring 0.85 Ct Natural Certified Diamond (0.80 Ct Gemstone) Solid Gold Office Wear

These synthetics which make for a good alternative are sometimes also sold as authentic emeralds. If you are in a hunt of a natural emerald ring from a reputable dealer, keep in mind that synthetic emeralds become luminescent under the influence of ultraviolet light but a natural diamond does not.

While customers are being cheated into buying synthetic ones as the real ones, few are even crafted using green zirconia and called real emeralds. To not fall into the trap, do a thorough research of reputable retailers. Also see that it has a no-nonsense refund policy.

Diamond and emerald rings must come along with a certification from a diamond laboratory like the AGS, GIA, IGI or EGL. If you are in search of an estate, antique or vintage diamond emerald ring, it should come with an authentic certificate or an appraisal.

Lastly, the finest metals for emerald and diamond wedding bands design  and diamond emerald rings are 18k rose 18k yellow, platinum gold and palladium.

Be confident and sound confident during the deal to not give the dealer a chance to fool you. Do your homework properly well in advance!

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