Effective Tips to Buying Sapphire Wedding Rings

Formed naturally in a rainbow of lovely gemstone colors, the Sapphire wedding rings remain one of the most popular ones in the gemstone industry. After the diamond, the sapphire is the second most durable gem. Sapphire wedding bands and engagement ring can stand the test of time.

Couples who are looking for a sapphire diamond wedding ring will unfortunately have to be able to browse through an array of treated sapphires, color choices and synthetic sapphires.

When it comes to settling on one, the best way to make sure that you have purchased antique sapphire engagement ring at the right price is by going to a retailer offering a no-nonsense refund policy. Also, get the sapphire examined by an independent gemologist in cases when the does not come along with an appraisal from a renowned lab or certificate of authentication.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

When you look closely into the price of a sapphire wedding ring, you will also get an idea of which gem is treated and synthetic. Keep in mind that the heat treatments have a minimal effect on the value and quality of the stone. The natural sapphires with desirable colors are scarce and rare and thus will be priced higher. The rest of the treatments which the stone undergoes have a moderate to high effect on the value of the stone.

Remember this as you purchase the minimal prices according to per carat gem for valuable colors. Take for example a good quality Padparadscha sapphire and diamond rings. If you find one priced at a few dollars, and not too high, is it probably given the Beryllium treatment

Do not go shopping for a sapphire wedding band or engagement ring with lack of time. Be very cautious of the deal. These can appear too good to be true and authentic. When you deal with a jeweler/retailer, make sure he has an established reputation. Find out his history and ask around those who have purchased from him.

If you are purchasing the stone from a person who is selling his personal property, ensure that the stone comes along with a report and not just an appraisal. If not, see that you can get the stone evaluated by a gemologist before finalizing the deal.

Sapphire Engagement Rings

Sapphire Engagement Rings 0.32 Ct-Si1 Round Certified Diamond 18K Gold Special Occasion

If your budget is not too high, you can choose from the lab created vintage sapphire wedding ring, which are not very high priced. But go in for the synthetic one which has the same properties as that of natural ones. Also see that the workmanship is done well on the ring and the overall finishing is good.

The most suitable metals for daily wear in sapphires are palladium, platinum and 14K sapphire gold Ring. When you choose the metal for the ring, keep in mind that white gold needs re-plating with rhodium once every two years.

Lastly, diamond and sapphire engagement rings or diamond and sapphire weddings rings should come from a lab like GIA, EGA, IGI or AGS. If it is an antique or vintage sapphire wedding ring, it should definitely come with a certification or appraisal.

In an industry so wide, with so many retailers, and equal number of cheats, you must always be cautious with your purchase.

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