Four Trendy Tips to Find the Perfect Diamond Cocktail Ring

‘Diamond is the weakness of women’. This adage holds good for women of all ages. Diamond is one piece of jewel which adds a spark of glamor and elegance to the entire look. Personified with a sense of dignity, Cocktail diamond rings are quite in vogue these days. Many variations have come to picture with the diamond cocktail ring clasping major fraction of the ladies. The oomph factor along with the myriad styles and patterns are the probable reason why diamond rings for women’s have gained such levels of popularity.

Diamond Cocktail Ring

When it comes to choosing, there is a wide array of choices available to the women of today. Women diamond cocktail rings are available in different designs and patterns, which will surely attract one’s attention. There are certain intricacies, which one must keep in mind before selecting ‘the piece’. Cocktail rings are basically meant to be large stones, which are either made of diamond or are coupled with a colored stone and surrounded by small pieces of diamond. Either way, the choice depends on the user and the variants extend a dash of glamor quotient.

Here are certain tips, which can help to select the unique piece of diamond cocktail rings for women:

  • Stone color and size– Usually, women diamond cocktail rings are huge in size in comparison to the ordinary ones. However, it is essential to select the size depending on one’s comfort and suitability according to the finger. After selecting the size, the next important thing is to look for the stone. There is a huge pool of collection ranging from amazing green emerald, to pink topaz. Sapphire in different colors such as yellow or blue, amethyst, ruby are some of the other colored stones, which are simply stunning in appeal
Cocktail Diamond Rings

Cocktail Diamond Rings 1.25 Ct Real Certified Diamond 2.75 Ct B.Sapphire Solid Gold Workwear

  • Cuts -The next step is to select the cuts and pattern. Diamond gets its glaze through the cuts, which use the property of reflection and refraction to bounce back light waves. Different kinds of cuts can extend different types of appeal. Round, square, square with round edges, oval and princess cut are some of the options.
  • Patterns– One can play with different kinds of patterns when the matter of Gold diamond cocktail rings for women is considered. Pave cocktail ring patterns are quite in these days as they impart a surreal appeal to the entire look. Other pattern options include cluster format wherein a cluster design is formed with the tiny diamonds that surround a solitaire piece. Vintage style is yet another pattern, which embarks quite an appeal with flair of the contemporary look. Floral and other abstract forms are yet other options.
  • White and black diamond– In the case, one wants an entirely different piece, one good choice is to select a combo of white and black diamond, which includes platinum and white gold along with black diamond that speaks of ethnicity and royalty.

With these tips, one can land on the piece of diamond cocktail ring Design that suits one’s choice and also helps to get a flaunting look that one truly deserves.

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