Get Amazing Collection of Diamond Solitaire Rings

Solitaire means one, the one accent diamond solitaire rings that stores the evergreen love union between you and your sweetie. You know your girl, her style and taste gift her solitaire power of love that will take her breath away for a moment.

Engagement is that one day most girls look forward to. To make sure your would-be fiancée remembers the occasion of engagement for a lifetime, gift a ring which will beautifully reflect your love for her. Let the beauty of your love be seen in that beautiful diamond engagement ring. After you have done a thorough research on what your girl likes, her preferences and choices, a solitaire diamond ring will be the best ring for her.

Take your love a step forward

Very sleep yet simple, diamond solitaire ring is most preferred by women who like to keep it classy yet simple on their D-day. Engagement rings today come in stunning pieces, in an array of designs, colors and cuts to meet your taste. We understand that an Solitaire Diamond engagement ring is a lifetime investment and buying one is not very easy. For this reason we give you the opportunity to choose from our collection for both genders as per your budget and taste.


From dainty and simply to bold and elaborate, you can choose from the sleek, gorgeous and stylish diamond solitaire rings in white gold or pure yellow gold. The ring gallery at our store also has a diamond solitaire ring collection for males. Since he is a modern male who believes that little is always more, men’s diamond solitaire ring collection features setting of diamonds which match just like the females and is designed for a lifetime investment.

Irrespective of what you are searching for, whether 1 carat solitaire diamond ring or even a 5 carat diamond ring, a unique amalgamation of art and nature will infatuate you to commemorate your special moment. Gift your love the ring in our beautiful red ring box in personalized designs and also get our certified card.

Color and cut of Solitaire Diamond Rings

The collection of fancy cut solitaire rings give a distinct quality, clarity and color to lend a simple, timeless and elegant experience which every woman wants. To flaunt the beautiful look of a solitaire diamond ring, choose from our variety of brilliant-cut diamonds like princess cut engagement rings or the emerald cut diamond rings or even the heart shaped diamond solitaire ring.

1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring Solid White Gold For Engagement Natural Certified

1 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring Solid White Gold For Engagement Natural Certified

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring represents your love and aspiration for your love which resides in your Heart. One can find a beautiful heart solitaire ring here at our online store.

Princess Cut Diamonds Rings feature a diamond which is square cut and mounted on the solitaire ring.

Emerald Cut Diamonds Rings are shaped rectangular with corners cropped, and is the classic choice for celebrating love.

The top choices at our store are Diamond White Gold Solitaire Ring Engagement, Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring Engagement. With our easy home delivery, refund policy and a large collection, we hope you have a good experience at Queen Jewels – your one stop online jewelry store.

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  1. Diamond solitaires are a classic engagement ring choice. By far the most popular choice is the round brilliant-cut, but each shape has its own special charm.

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