How to Choose a Best Diamond Solitaire Ring

Getting engaged is the most special moment of your life. Present her with a beautiful and unforgettable ring to cement your relationship forever. A diamond ring is an expression of your deepest emotions and the timeless love you feel for her.

You can choose an Solitaire engagement ring based on her personality, likes and dislikes but you can never go wrong with a diamond solitaire ring Design. Single Diamond  solitaire rings are the ultimate engagement presents for the special day when you propose to her.

A solitaire diamond ring features a single, brilliant diamond set in yellow or white gold or platinum. It represents the timeless quality of your relationship embodied in the eternal diamond. Present her with a solitaire diamond that will take her breath away.

Deceptively simple but sophisticated and sleek in design, a solitaire ring is a classic, traditional and most popular choice for Single Diamond engagement rings. Today, solitaire rings are available in a range of carats, and variants of beautiful cuts and colors.

45 ring

Queen Jewels (QJ) features an excellent collection of diamond solitaire rings Design. We understand what a daunting task it is to choose a diamond engagement ring. Therefore, we display categories of rings for easy browsing and ordering of solitaire rings to match your taste and budget.

We also have a men’s solitaire collection. The contemporary man is fond of minimalistic designs. We have an excellent collection of men’s solitaires, matching to her ring and designed to last forever.

Best Diamond solitaire rings come in a range of carats from 1 carat to 5 carat. At QJ, diamonds are of perfect cut, flawless clarity and variants of vibrant colors. The artistry of our craftsmen and the natural vibrancy of diamonds produce a stunning effect.

Cuts of diamond are of various patterns. Heart shape diamond cuts are most difficult to create but are the popular choice for expressing true love and ardent desire. You can find the perfect heart shaped Buy solitaire diamond rings at our site.

Solitaire Diamond Ring 0.50Ct Solid White Gold

Solitaire Diamond Ring 0.50Ct Solid White Gold Engagement Natural Certified

Princess cut consists of a square cut diamond mounted perfectly on a gold or platinum ring. Emeralds cut diamonds are rectangular shaped with cropped edges.

Solitaire engagement rings symbolize a perfect equilibrium between beauty and grace. Top picks from our site include 2.34 ct (1.05 ct) EF color diamond gold solitaire and accent ring as well as 1.00 ct natural diamond white gold solitaire ring.

The best part with QJ is that rings can be made to order for different patterns, cuts and colors. Our team of experts can create bespoke designs of solitaires. Our team also keeps track of trends in jewelry market the world over so as to create unique and trendy pieces of jewelry.

Jewelry from our site is certified and hall marked, so you need not worry about quality while shopping for diamond solitaire rings. To prevent confusion, jewelry is listed in neat categories along with price and picture of products.

Fill up your virtual shopping cart and make online payment through secure gateways. Our company will always make shopping with us attractive as we follow the motto-‘Good Price, Good Product and Good Service.

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