Amazing Anniversary Wedding Rings Made Of Diamonds

Wedding rings made of diamonds are symbolic of timeless love because of their eternal nature. Diamond jewellery is truly versatile and matches any attire.

Women everywhere have been wearing diamond rings to look beautiful as well as a mark of everlasting love. Some even wear rings those rings on a regular basis which have been presented to them by their husbands on their wedding day. These are called as wedding rings.

Though the concept of wedding rings has been around since ancient times, using diamonds for engagement or wedding rings became popular particularly since the 1930’s. Since then woman have been sporting diamond wedding ring on their fingers.

The basic function of a wedding ring made of diamonds is to propose to your lady and lock her in your love forever. The wedding rings hold the promise of everlasting commitment as well as the decision to be beside your side throughout sickness, trials and happiness. Nowadays both men and women exchange wedding rings.

Wedding jewellery, particularly wedding rings are held sacred and revered by everyone as they bond two persons in a never ending promise of mutual love, honour and respect. Diamonds are very pure stones and so are popular for gracing wedding rings.

35_engagment ring

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features an exclusive collection of wedding rings. A diamond ring from KJC not only enhances your good looks but also adds a style quotient to your personality.

Diamond wedding rings for women, at KJC, are set in yellow or white gold of 10k, 14 and 18k. Diamonds on these rings come in a range of carats to suit all types of budgets-big or small. Examples are 1.00 ct cen 0.50 ct Natural Diamond 14k Solid gold wedding ring. Popular item for wedding gift is 0.20 CT 100% natural diamond 14k gold wedding ring gift.

You are welcome to browse through our innumerable designs of diamond wedding rings. Select from the assorted collection that includes white gold rings, yellow gold rings, designer wedding rings, wedding bands and couple wedding rings.

These are some of the breathtaking designs of diamond wedding rings which are not available anywhere else or any time. Designs at are sure to blow away your mind. Our designs are not only alluring and beautiful but are extraordinary and unusual.

1.25 Ct Solitaire Certified Diamond

1.25 Ct Solitaire Certified Diamond Wz Accent Solid Yellow Gold Ring Wedding

We know that what you are looking for in a wedding ring is a masterpiece that fits into your budget. Therefore, our rings feature diamonds of a range of carats. There are different categories of rings that come in different price ranges. You can choose a beautiful design that also matches your budget.

If you are going in for less expensive rings, it does not mean you have to compromise on quality. You can mix and match features of the four C’s of diamonds: Cut, Carat, Colour and Clarity. Cut is most important and clarity least important, in general terms. But KJC also follows a strict maxim of selling only top quality diamond jewellery and does not believe in substandard products.

Shapes of diamonds in wedding rings come in variants like Princess cut, Oval cut, Emerald cut and Cushion, cut. We also have matching designs for men and women in form of wedding rings and wedding bands.

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