Discover Myriad Designs of Diamond Cocktail Rings

Defining a unique style statement is easily possible with glamorous Diamond cocktail rings. They splurge an aura of grandeur engraved in its every bit. Known for their chunky pieces of precious stones, cocktail rings Design are sometimes referred as the ‘style rings’. Though the trend started way back in 1920’s, it is still very much prevalent in the modern days. In fact, they are considered ideal jewel pieces for cocktail parties and other occasions. Queens Jewels Inc. offers different styles of diamond cocktail rings suiting the taste of one and all.

Different styles of cocktail rings are available in the market today. To get a luxurious appeal, there can be nothing better than the opulent diamonds. Diamond cocktail rings white gold looks simply stunning with the base metal complimenting the diamonds in the apt way. For a unique appeal, one can also opt for Vintage diamond cocktail ring in platinum that levy a contemporary look and style. Whatever, be the base metal, the stones encrusted or the solitaire pattern forms the signature style of cocktail rings.


While looking for a cocktail ring, always run the 4C’s (carat, color, cut, clarity) check on them to ensure that the apt ring is being selected. Diamonds or other gemstones which are used for this pattern of rings generally vary within 1 carat to 10 carats. Cuts are another factor to be kept in mind. Cuts enhance the bedazzling effect and hence marquise or princess cut option can be selected. Clarity can only be confirmed after checking it through a powerful microscope.

A diamond is meant to be colorless, with 100% clarity, which is not always the case. However, the lesser the impurities, clearer is the clarity and better is the diamond. In addition, one can browse through the various diamond cocktail ring designs online to select a piece suiting their personality.

Vintage Cocktail Rings 1.16Ct Diamond 6.80Ct Sapphire White Gold Natural Certified

Vintage Cocktail Rings 1.16Ct Diamond 6.80Ct Sapphire White Gold Natural Certified

  • Classic style- A cocktail ring is known for a large stone which may or may not be surrounded with tiny gemstones to give a glam look. The classic style also includes solitaire pattern which uses beautiful pieces of diamonds in them. A slight modification in the usual pattern is the spiral style which is quite in vogue these days and adds a contemporary look to the classic version of Diamond Cluster Ring.
  • Vintage Style- Invoking the Victorian and European era in an elegant manner are the vintage styled cocktail rings. The diamond cocktail rings in yellow gold make a good vintage patterned ring. They highlight a regal look which is ideal to gel in with the traditional attire
  • Cocktails with colored gemstones- Hued gemstones give a vibrant look to the cocktail design. Once can go for white pearls, or red shades of ruby or garnet to flaunt their look. Some other options are green emeralds, yellow sapphire, pink topaz, orange opal or surreal amethyst. Team them up with diamonds to get a ravishing appeal.
  • Modern Style- Modern style cocktail rings are known for their abstract patterns such as peacocks, snakes or birds. Fashioned in these shapes they exemplify the look of the cocktail pattern and give it an edgy appearance.

With all these myriad options at Queen Jewels, one can surely find a diamond cocktail ring online as per their whims and desires.

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