How to Test if a Diamond is Real or Not?

Usually the certificate issued by the authorities is a proof that the stone you are purchasing is real and genuine. But not everyone can afford to buy certified diamond jewellery. Non-certified diamond ring or diamond necklace comes much cheaper than the certified ones. Moreover now-a-days the market is flooded with synthetic stones such as cubic zirconia or synthetic moissanite which are stunningly similar to real diamonds. So, if you are buying non-certified diamond jewellery, which is often a tempting option, how will you recognize that the stone is real or fake? Well, there are a few ways you can make out if the diamond is fake or real.


  1. The fog test: This can be concluded on a diamond mounted on a diamond ring or diamond earring. Hold the diamond in front of your mouth and blow air on it like you would do to fog the mirror. If the fog clears as soon as you create it, the diamond is real, but if the fog stays for a couple of seconds on the stone, then it is fake. Because diamond is a good conductor of heat so the fog instantly vanishes. But this is not a sure test since synthetic moissanite can also pass the test.
  2. The dot test: Make a small dot on the piece of paper and put the stone pointed side up, centring the dot under its flat head. If you are able to see a circular reflection, your stone is a fake. You will not be able to see anything of the dot through the real diamond.
  3. Rainbow test: Hold the stone close to your eyes and light a torch through it. If you see rainbow colours, your stone is a fake. Rainbow colour is a sign of double refraction.
  4. Water test: This test is for lose stones. Real diamonds are dense and so they would sink in the glass full of water. Put your stone in a glass full of water. If it does not sink to the bottom of the glass, it is a fake.
  5. Shatter test: Heat the stone under a flame for 30 seconds and then drop in cold water immediately. The fake ones will shatter from inside while real diamond will remain intact.
  6. Glass test: It is a universally known fact that a real diamond will cut the glass. But some fake ones may also be able to scratch the glass.
  7. Jeweller’s loupe: Real diamonds are imperfect since they are made naturally. When you will look through the loupe, you will see that the real diamonds have sharp edges while the fake ones will have rounded edges. You will also be able to see little flecks of minerals or a slight change in colour. However, sometimes real stones are also flawless.

You can always take the stone to the jeweller for testing through probe, which are a perfect judge for real stones.

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