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Men look for something special that is more than beauty in rings. Elevate your masculine features with the real style maker, diamond rings for men. Yes, you need royal features than romantic features, sensitive looks than seductive looks, solid designs and simple designs. We at really know how men are different from women and hence bring the excellent collections in the latest diamond rings for men that keep the line of difference without killing the aesthetic features.

Change your look with a ring

Change your look with a single ring just like candle breaks the darkness. Yes purchase our round shaped diamond 14k yellow gold men’s ring. This is enough to make you feel confident, look fantastic and enjoy extra power. This ring is made with original and real diamond mounted in 14k yellow gold to give you what you really need out of a Gold diamond Ring.

Look superb in your casuals and splendid in formals. Be cool for cocktail parties with our cocktail diamond rings. Bring meaning in every move you make. Yes, be a new man and love to go wherever you need with extra bounce of elegance.


Enticing engagement

Make your engagement really enticing. helps you to make your engagement day the most memorable day of life with white gold engagement diamond rings. Experience the extravaganza in mingling of white diamonds with white gold. Feel the real imitated beauty of emerald. Get rings made with solitaire diamonds to shower the surplus in specials. Solitaire rings are made in single solitaire and three solitaire diamonds to give you the ring of expectation.

Bring back the happiness

Bring back the real happiness of marriage day on your anniversary. There is no doubt nothing like a diamond anniversary band works with your hand to reveal and recreate the romance of the day. Enjoy the day with all spirits and thrills with our natural diamond 14k gold anniversary men’s ring band. Words can’t define the role of diamond band for the day. It should be definitely experienced.

Gemstone Ring Design 0.60 Ct Natural Certified Diamond

Gemstone Ring Design 0.60 Ct Natural Certified Diamond 0.50 Ct Ruby Solid Gold Weekend

Rings as per needs

Khanna Jewels serves the rings as per your needs. Select from diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond solitaire rings, diamond designer rings, diamond white gold rings, diamond bands, diamond gemstone rings, diamond ruby rings, diamond emerald rings, diamond sapphire rings, diamond hear shaped rings and more. What else is there that make your search for more.

We provide you with very popular rings that are hot in jewel market including bands with diamond embedded in it. Select from 1 diamond ring to 9 diamond ring made on 14k and 18k gold. Size ranges from 12 to 32 to make the rings available for everyone with ring needs and dreams. provides rings at such economical rates that are so hard to find at another stores.

Khanna Jewels provides complete information about latest diamond rings for men and other diamond jewels at online store. For more information on diamond rings and bands for men, you can contact us.

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