Look Stunning With Diamond Solitaire Ring

A solitaire ring refers to a ring mounted with a single, sparkling diamond. A solitaire Diamond ring is one of the most coveted and beautiful of all rings. They make for perfect engagement or wedding rings.

Popular designs are single, perfect cut diamond at the centre of the ring or a solitary diamond surrounded by a cluster of diamonds. Both of these will win the hearts of the lovely lady who has agreed to tie the knot with you.

There are different designs of solitaire rings. However, diamond solitaire rings have the best reputation. A solitaire diamond has a special shine which you will not get in other stones. Not even an ordinary diamond ring will have a sparkle as bright as a solitaire ring.

Solitaire rings Design are loved by all for their beauty, elegance and simplicity. Moreover, a solitaire can be worn with and complements all types of outfits. This is why women love solitaire rings as the chosen wedding or engagement rings as they are an investment for a lifetime. Even men love solitaire diamond rings for engagement or wedding.


Khanna Jewels (KJ) features an exquisite collection of diamond solitaire rings Design. The rings consists of solitaire diamonds set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k.Solitaire diamonds come in perfect cuts, flawless clarity, vibrant color and a range of carats. Solitaire rings are ideal gifts for engagement, weddings and anniversaries.

Top picks from our site include Natural Diamond 14k gold Single Solitaire ring, natural single diamond 14 k yellow gold anniversary ring and Pear Cut Single Natural Diamond 14k gold wedding ring.

KJ collection of diamond solitaire rings for all hold the promise of everlasting love, beauty, commitment, passion and elegance. It connects two people forever when used as an engagement, wedding or anniversary ring.

Diamond Solitaire Rings 1.00 Ct Natural Certified Diamond Solid Gold Wedding

Diamond Solitaire Rings 1.00 Ct Natural Certified Diamond Solid Gold Wedding

We have both classic as well as modern designs of solitaire diamond rings with diamonds mounted on yellow gold rings or bands of white gold. Diamonds may feature a variety of cuts like princess cut, round cut, oval and cushion cut and different shapes like pear shape, geometric shape etc. Designs are antique as well as trendy to suit the taste of different persons.

The shape and cut of diamonds matter a great deal. So we have a range of shapes and cuts of diamonds mounted on rings from round, brilliant cuts to different shaped diamonds that imbues each ring with perfect allure and appeal. We make designs as per your order.

Our classic collection of solitaire rings have a sober and elegant design which are loved by women, universally. They are simple and sleek in their looks, showcasing a diamond with extra sparkle.

Another popular design is the Nakshatra (star) design which has intricate detailing like branching, scaffolding, crossing etc with different cuts of diamonds in a variety of shapes like oval, round, square heart and rectangle.

The collection also features a design called as three stone ring. It consists of three brilliant cut diamonds featured on gold or silver setting.

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