Seal Your Love with Diamond Wedding Band

You may feel that you cannot live without the person you love. True love proceeds from engagement to marriage to anniversaries. All along this way, diamond bands will keep your connection alive for long years to come.

But one might get confused while selecting diamond wedding bands as they come in different shapes, sizes, cuts and carats. The solution is Khanna Jewels (KJ) – an online shop that sells exclusive collection of diamond jewellery including diamond wedding bands Design.


We sell diamond jewellery of top notch quality – diamonds are of perfect cut, flawless clarity, vibrant colour and a range of carats. Diamonds Engagement bands are a variety of rings, particularly used for engagements and weddings.

Diamonds may be set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k. They may cover all-round or half way along the circumference of the band. Diamond bands are symbols of marriage promising a life-time of love and commitment. Diamond used range from 10 cents to 5 carats.

KJ has a designer range of bands and rings ideal for weddings and anniversaries. Top picks include Real Diamond 14k Solid gold Designer Wedding Ring and Natural Diamond 14k White gold Anniversary Ring/Band. 

Diamond Anniversary Rings

Diamond Anniversary Rings 1.00Ct Solid White Gold Band Natural Certified

Browse the collection at KJ for grand and elegant designs for your big day. We understand the emotions attached to this special piece of jewellery and take great care in its design and craftsmanship. So you can depend on our collection if you are searching for wedding bands of any type- classic, vintage or modern.

Diamonds are eternal and their timeless sparkle stand for the image of everlasting love and affection in a wedding diamond band or ring. We have an unsurpassed collection of designs which you may not find anywhere else.

Wedding band for a woman must be selected with great care. It serves to seal your expression of love from the question-“will you marry me?” while proposing and the assertion-‘ I do’ while getting married. Diamond wedding band Design look classy and elegant and are the quintessential choice of brides on their big day. Diamond bands are also ideal for re-asserting your love, during every anniversary.

You may choose from a variety of colours of diamonds from pure white to black to yellow. Diamonds may also come in a range of carats. The diamond wedding bands may be simple or opulent according to your choice. Khanna Jewellers features a collection of affordable diamond bands to match all types of budgets.

Wedding Bands For Women

Wedding Bands For Women 0.18 Ct Real Certified Diamond Solid Yellow Gold Wedding

A s per the usual tradition, men have been wearing wedding bands to express their love and fidelity to their spouse. But today they are also style statements with gemstones diamond wedding bands embellished with gemstones like rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

Some couples may also prefer matching wedding bands. We offer complementary designs of wedding bands for men and women .You can search our collection for a pair of matching wedding bands that will provide endless delight. We ease the process of selection and you will cherish your choice, everyday for a lifetime.

We also provide the service of engraving any message including you names on the wedding bands so that you can preserve the message of love forever. Best Diamond wedding bands are an everlasting reminder of your wedding ceremony and happy marriage for long years to come.

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