Sparkle In Ruby Diamond Rings Design

Diamond jewellery and women have been inseparable since ages. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with Ruby Diamond Rings which gives a royal look to their personality.

A diamond is eternal, so is diamond jewellery which lasts for several lifetimes, like a family heirloom. Among all types of diamond jewellery, ruby diamond rings are most cherished by Indian women. The most coveted among these are solitaire rings.

A ring in gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones add an element of feminism, glamour and sophistication to a woman. Khanna Jewels features an exquisite collection of diamond rings.

We, at KJC know that every piece of diamond jewellery you own holds a special place in your heart and is attached to a lot of personal emotions. Hence every designer ruby diamond ring at our site features totally original art and craft, never seen anywhere else.

Our original diamond ring designs are sure to leave you stunned and mesmerized. We have a wide diamond ring collection that can complement any type of attire as they are of the latest, trending designs.


Our assortment of rings will blow your mind. Main types of rings are diamond solitaire rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond designer rings, diamond bands, diamond white gold rings, diamond gemstone rings (diamond ruby rings, diamond sapphire rings, diamond emerald rings) and diamond heart shape rings.

Ruby with diamond rings combine the sparkle of diamonds with the brilliance of red rubies. This combination is ideal for cocktail rings, wedding rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings.

Diamond ruby rings may feature diamonds of varied shapes like Oval cut (primary shape), Pear cut, Round Cut, Emerald cut etc. We offer diamonds and rubies from 0.2 carats to 10 carats, set in yellow or white gold of 14k and 18k.

Ruby Rings For Women 0.25 Ct Real Certified Diamond Solid Gold Weekend

Ruby Rings For Women 0.25 Ct Real Certified Diamond Solid Gold Weekend

Since diamond and ruby rings are a substantial investment, you may be worried about their quality. But KJC offers diamond of perfect cut, flawless clarity, vibrant colour and a range of carats to suit all tastes and budgets.

You can wear your ruby and diamond ring to any event: Birthday party, evening soiree, festival celebration or weddings. You can also use them as engagement or wedding rings. Choose from small rings for regular wear to large, ornate ones for formal wear. Top picks from our site include ruby diamond rings yellow gold, ruby rings with diamonds engagement, and ruby rings with black diamonds.

Designer collection is specially suited for bridal and wedding collection. You can get bespoke designs created in collaboration with our team of craftsmen.

There are diamond ruby rings for even teenage girls. These add to their cuteness and charisma. Sober, classic designs give a touch of elegance and sophistication to an elderly woman.

The best part about buying ruby diamond rings from KJC is that they are available at very low prices. This is because we avoid middlemen both while sourcing raw material for jewellery crafted at our factory as well as while selling directly to online customers. Shipping is free in India.

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