A Unique Collection of Diamond Wedding Bands

The latest trend in jewelry is the diamond bands. Invoking a glamorous appeal, unique women’s diamond wedding bands are ideal for special occasions such as marriage anniversaries and weddings. A subtle piece, wedding bands are of different styles and designs that are ideal to suit the personality of each individual. At Queens Jewels Inc. one can find stunning patterns of diamond bands that can just not be resisted.

While selecting a diamond band, there are two basic things which need to be taken care of:

• The base material of the band.

• Diamond settings and patterns that are encrusted in the band.

Base material of the band- Diamond bands can be engraved in different kinds of metals that enhance the beauty of the sparkling diamonds. Women’s diamond wedding bands in white gold are the latest trend. White gold compliments the diamonds in an apt way and is a popular favorite. Another good option is the women’s diamond wedding bands in platinum. The idea is to find a metal that gels in well with the diamond studs.


Diamond settings are the next thing to consider. Pave setting is a common pattern and women’s pave diamond wedding bands are quite in demand. In the pave settings, diamonds coupled with other precious gemstones can be studded to give a mesmerizing appeal. Other settings which are available are the prong setting as well as the bezel setting. Every setting has a unique appeal and charm.

Apart from these two important factors, it is also important to run the 4C check throughout every piece of diamonds. They are as follows:

• Cut- A cut defines the diamonds since it helps to get different faces that refract the light for a sparkling dazzle. Marquise and princess cut are some of the options which are simply amazing. Look for a cut that suits the sheer brilliance and use it in the diamond bands.

• Color- Color of diamond is also very important. Though diamond is meant to be colorless, various colored forms such as red, yellow and black diamond are available. So, go out of box and select hued diamonds to make your diamond bands unique.

• Carat- It basically denotes the weightage of the diamonds. Diamonds studded in bands can vary in weightage. The more the carat, the more is the weight and more is the price of the diamond bands.

• Clarity- The clarity of diamonds is also an important factor. Diamonds with more clarity are considered to be of higher quality than its counterpart.

Diamond bands are of different styles too. Queens Jewels Inc offers diamond bands for the following categories:

• For her- Exclusive collection of diamond bands in intricate design patterns are offered for women. They include subtle pieces which are ideal for the adornment of women.

• For him- A diverse collection of versatile designs of diamond bands for men is also offered to symbolize their love, promise and loyalty to their partner.

• Band sets- For those who believe in couple collection, band set of two is available. They consist of a pair-one for men and the other for women to complement each other.

So, buy these amazing diamond bands to make your day more special!

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