Diamond Wedding Rings for Women – Great Gem for the Great Day

Women……! You are special and look so special when you are in your wedding gowns. Wedding….! The most awaited and great day in the life of Indian women….! Celebration starts days before the big day hit the hands. Jewels play good role in celebrations and in big day irrespective of religion and culture.

You will be best in your attires under the lights. Every eye ball falls on you. Wedding ring wearing….makes best time of great day. We at Khanna Jewels have the best in diamond Engagement rings for women. Ring brings two hearts with same dream together. It creates never ending commitment and trust. It gives a pleasant, perfect and purposeful start to the relationship. It is the moment an unexplainable feel runs through the nerves and that too making the heart to fill with joy.

Designs are daringly innovative to make great gem for great day. Do you know one thing? We collect the diamonds from its original hubs to assure best in quality. They are treated in our labs to make it best in 4Cs; Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat. All of the diamond rings are authentically certified for quality assurance. We cut diamond to deliver it dazzling shapes including round, rectangle, square, oval, heart, start, princess and more. You just name the shape. We bring it for your fingers.


0.75ct Natural Diamond 14k gold wedding ring has something special to add surprise to wedding day. Just get it and stop guessing. You ladies will be looking for special in diamond rings. We know it very well and bring dazzling world in diamond rings before your eyes. Throw unique beauty in your marriage day parties…..just make the folks to buzz at you. Whether you are in full sari, or western outfit, your diamond ring gives that special, spicy, cute and hot look.

Solitaire is the best friend of women. Carry them with you when you are at the venue to tie the knots. Khanna Jewellers provides exotic collections in Round Diamond 14k gold Solitaire Ring at exciting prices. Just have a look at our online shop to justify the words. Wedding rings come in different designs that you can’t even dream. Shop the best ring to stay with guts in special day.

Lights will be more when you walk from wedding venues to wedding party venues. You need more likes here with glittering jewels to real party spirit. Parties makes more colourful moments. We have the best diamond ring in gold to beat the beauty of party lights. Have a look at our Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Wedding Ring. Rings made using simple to several diamonds make it the perfect pick for the wedding parties. It shines in your finger just like Rings around the Moon…!

Enjoy the real spirit of shopping diamond wedding rings online with range starting from just Rs.11,066….!!

We provide complete information on rings at our online shop. For more details, you can contact us. Our customer representatives will be happy to help you.

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