Solitaire Diamond Rings for Women – Perfect Symbol of Marriage

Solitaire diamond rings……! It has become the perfect symbol of marriage. Its importance in wedding and in the life after great moment never ends with the flow of time or change of calendar. It is pure as mother’s love and as perfect as father’s care. It is nothing but the use of single diamond that makes solitaire diamond rings for women so special with halo feel for the wedding.

Ring of good times

When can you say you are in good times? It is nothing but the time when you are in your wedding gowns. You feel you are at the top of happiness. With solitaire diamond ring on fingers, make your fashion statement that emits your feminine aspects in fantastic way. It creatively defines your character and perfection. We at Khanna Jewels provide you with romantic collections in rings of good times known for its symmetric and blissful features. The moment the ring is worn, it makes you to enjoy the rest in thrill, fun and happiness that we can never reveal here with words. Simply experience it!


Wonder at centre

Visit our online shop to look at ‘Excellency in Designs’. Wedding rings make the best treasure of the day. They love to wear it throughout the life carrying the love for him in the heart. What makes our ring so hot in the jewel market and among ring loving women? The answer is simple and it is ‘Solitaire is similar as Women.” Yes, with unquestionable beauty in cut, incredible brilliance and stunning scintillation, solitaire just emits the features of a beautiful woman.
Single solitaire diamond is perfectly studded in the centre just as you stand in your wedding venue. Diamonds comes in exclusive shapes including Round, Oval, Rectangle, Square, Heart, Star and Princess. Collections in Diamond 14k gold Single Solitaire ring Design have kept something special in rings for everyone.

Occasions made awesome….!

Never miss any of the special times with you partner. Khanna Jewels will be with you forever to give the best ring for the occasions. With splendid collection from ‘Birthdays to Wedding Rings,’ we help you treat your special girl with tantalizing looks. Let it be Valentine’s Day, Engagement Day, Wedding Day or Anniversaries, we have ‘Best in Rings’ for you. Select from Natural Diamond 14k yellow gold Single Solitaire ring to sip the surprises.

Size and Make

Our experts make rings in all sizes including free size that suits everyone. We make single solitaire diamond rings with 14k and 18k gold adhering to international standards and quality. Apart from the custom designs that you watch in our online shop we make ‘Rings on your Orders’. You are free to select the shape & carat of solitaire, shape of ring and the metal to be used including silver, platinum and gold. Get Diamond Round Shape 18k Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring as per your specification from us for your great moments.

We provide complete information about our rings at our online shop. You can contact us for more information.

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