Sparkle In Gold Diamond Rings

Diamond jewellery is sought after by women everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond jewellery to look regal and beautiful. A diamond is eternal and it provides you with timeless beauty.

Among all types of jewellery, a diamond ring is cherished by most Indian women. A diamond and gold ring adds to the glamour and sophistication of a woman.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling exclusive collection of diamond jewellery such as diamond rings for women. At KJC, we understand the intense emotions associated with every piece of jewellery you buy, so we craft the jewellery like rings with great perfection and precision.

Our unique diamond rings are sure to mesmerize you with their exquisite designs. Diamond rings from our site are made of trendy designs which you can carry off with any type of attire.

Major type of designs include diamond wedding rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond solitaire rings, diamond cocktail rings, diamond white gold rings, diamond designer rings, diamond bands, diamond gemstone rings and diamond heart shaped rings.

You will be amazed by the diversity of diamond ring designs at KJC. We have rings to wear for any occasion a wedding, a birthday, an evening soiree, cocktail party, a festival or any sort of celebration. Select from small rings to large rings, for every day wear or for formal wear.


Diamond solitaire rings feature single diamond stones. Solitaires from Khanna Jewellers have perfect cut, flawless clarity, brilliant colours and a wide range of carats. Diamond solitaires are favoured as engagement and wedding rings

Diamond cocktail rings have ornate, colourful design. Yellow gold is the traditional favourite but white gold diamond rings are also growing popular. Diamonds are set in white gold or yellow gold of 14k and 18k. They are ideal for wedding rings. Example is Natural Diamond 14k gold wedding ring.

Diamond designer rings reflect the high quality artistry of our craftsmen. They are ideal for bridal collection as they are exclusive and unique. You can get rings designed according to your taste and choice in consultation with our craftsmen.

Diamond gemstone rings are a popular collection. The sparkle of diamonds is enhanced with the brilliance of red rubies, luscious pearls, gorgeous sapphires and elegant emeralds. Semi precious stones include Tourmaline, Amethyst, Garnet, Coral, Aquamarine, and Turquoise, etc. Sometimes rings have multiple stones apart from diamonds. Example is diamond 14k solid gold 3 stone ring.

Wedding and engagement bands are top picks for the occasion of weddings and engagements. Some couples prefer to wear matching wedding bands. Diamond wedding bands remind the couple of their wedding day and renew their mutual love and commitment on the occasion of their anniversaries.

Diamond heart shaped rings pack a double impact- the timeless romance of diamonds and the heart shape Diamond Ring to convey love. They are suited for gifts for Valentine’s Day, Engagement, and Anniversaries, etc.

Diamond rings of Victorian design are also available. They are usually ornate featuring gemstones like rubies and sapphires along with diamonds. Diamonds are mostly rose cut or uncut (polki cut).

Shop from KJC for a mind blowing collection of diamond rings!

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