Black Solitaire Diamond Ring – Beauty Beyond Ages and Words

Black solitaire diamond ring……! The real beauty of ‘black’ glitters here. Yes, the beauty stands beyond ages and words. Words can’t bring you what this diamond ring is for you or for your beloveds. It should be experienced. Gone are those days when people buzzed round the usual golden ornaments. Time changed just as the jewel dreams. Now everyone’s heart gives an extra beat for bedazzling range of diamond rings….especially black solitaire diamond ring…!

Get the diamond ring – Get the romance

Every jewel has secret impact with love and romance. Black diamond solitaire ring yellow gold emerges electrifying romance in you. Diamonds have special magical effect in building sound relationships of love. With silent words, diamond rings air your romance in the surroundings. Feel real love, sensations, romance, style and beauty with perfectly designed diamond rings.


Shopping made amazing

If you are looking for the perfect shop to enjoy shopping from the comfort of your room, then we Queen Jewels is here to help you. Online store designed with attractive features and amazing diamond rings give the real look of street store. With countless customers from all parts of the country, we warmly welcome you to our store to experience the real amazement in online shopping.

Path of beauty

Black diamond in jewels doesn’t come as it is. It is extracted from ‘carbonados’ in natural forms. Carbonados is the Portuguese name for black and hence the name black diamond. Black diamonds in its original form is irregular with disarrayed color proportions. It comes in the rings with striking colors and stunning shape through effective treatments. Some of the important treatments are irradiation, HPHT method and application of thin films.

Designs from your dreams

Queen Jewels develops princess cut black diamond ring from your dreams. It is simply superb with that extra edge of elegance that really makes you look like princess. We make black solitaire diamond ring using precious metals like silver, gold and diamond. We also designs rings with other precious metal to bring matchless beauty. Black diamond solitaire ring enhancer is warmly loved by most of the diamond lovers. We are the first online store to bring you the recent designs that came into trend in black diamond rings.

Casual to cocktail designs

We at Queen Jewels adhere to diamond dreams of every class of people. We make diamond rings ranging from 5cents to 50cents. Black diamond solitaire ring 1 carat with cute design is something loved by most of the people. Center diamond in the rings comes in different shapes including princess, heart round, cushion, ascher, oval and more. Our range is not very expensive and you can select from black solitaire with white diamonds, black diamond with black accent diamond ring and more to meet your individual tastes. In short, you can find black diamond designs to match with your casual to cocktail dresses and events.

We at Queens Jewels, give immense importance to 4 C’s of diamond; Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Now it is your time to shop.

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