Diamond Cocktail Rings for Women – Turn to Sweet Beasts

Diamond cocktail rings are there in history for more than 80 years….! Captivating changes have turned the mood and mode of present cocktail parties. Diamond rings also made a delightful diversion to scintillating designs that you see today. Whether cocktail rings adorn the hands of beautiful ladies or ladies become more beautiful with these rings. Whatever it may be, there is no doubt that without rings your party grooming fail to touch the point of perfection.

Sweet beasts….! Perfect name for women when they are on cocktail parties….! With assorted moods of wildness, glamour, vulgar, love, spicy, sexy and cute they really turn to sweet beasts under the lights. We at Khanna Jewels Co bring glamorous collection of gourmets in cocktail rings for gala festivals.

We make cocktail rings for women in large size to perfectly match with the theme of cocktail parties. It makes your colourful attires with sexy and hot look to double the effect. Get the special feel and look for booze and geese parties to make everyone buzz at you. Rings also look good with your casual outfits.

Get that extra bounce of beauty that makes you dance of floors. Get the sparkling and shining effect for your smile. Enjoy splendour of cocktail parties without wasting even a second in vain. Add heat to your nerves and hearts. Indulge in full spirit and sprint of parties to make the moments memorable forever.


We collect diamonds from the original hubs and treat it with sophisticated ways to give that extra bingo to the facets of diamonds. Immense importance is given to 4Cs; Colour, Carat, Cut and Clarity. We make cocktail rings in 14k gold to give the best jewel feast for the fingers. We make rings with the combination of gemstones ranging from 1c to 10c, precious metals like ruby, sapphire and emerald. We also make use of semi precious stones like quartz, smoky, carnelian and more. We try all possible combination to give the best in cocktail diamond rings for women.

Women…! Now you can give that electrifying chillness to your body when you step in to cocktail venues. You can select from designer diamond cocktail rings, natural diamond emerald 14k gold cocktail ring, natural diamond 14k solid yellow gold cocktail ring and more. We perfectly embed big solitaire diamond in centre with different shapes including round, oval, star, princess and more as per the specification of women.

Take cocktail party on your hands. Stand out of crowd with sexy cut-outs, laces and more. What you need is just a jealous making cocktail ring with your attire. Make your fingers to flow the rhythm for naughty nights. We have cocktail rings in romantic colours to match with your arrays of cocktail dresses.

Now we can stop the words. Now, it is your time to get the best jewel for cocktail parties. Khanna Jewels provides complete information about our products online. For more information, you can contact us without any hesitation.

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