Latest Diamond Rings for Men- The Best Finger Friends

Hey men….wait for a moment…!! Are you looking for the best finger friend to adorn your fingers? Keep in mind that ever best friend of your finger comes as diamond rings. Diamond…! It stands equal to the all words in the dictionary that says about beauty, elegance and romance. Yes, it is nothing but its unquestionable beauty that makes it the King and Queen of Jewels. We at Khanna Jewels bring you the fantastic solicitations in latest diamond rings for men.

Dreams differs and hence designs

Dreams differ from person to person. Single design can’t serve the expectations of everyone. Our collections are made from statement that ‘dreams differs and hence designs’. We have something special for every man irrespective of age and professional status. All of the designs showcase perfect mingling of traditional values with modern visions.
Body of rings comes in several shapes and designs including round, broad at top & thin at other side, with lines, with stripes, plain, borders at two sides, steps in the tops, half rounds, oval and more. You can select the best from latest designs to give your fingers classy look.

Romance in Rounds

Diamonds at centre of men rings come in different shapes. Latest design in men diamond rings use round shaped diamond to bring romance in rounds. Round Shape Diamond 14k Yellow Gold Men’s Ring enjoys good words among the diamond lovers as well as in diamond market. Our experts make diamond ring with single and several diamonds. Round shape diamonds are beautifully embedded in the centre to create that glittering effect. It is also a good idea to get white gold engagement diamond rings to make the engagement really engaging.


Natural as your love

Our diamonds are natural just as your love. We collect diamond from original hubs and are treated to give the best in Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat. Natural Diamond 14k Gold Anniversary Men’s Ring Band is made to flow the fragrance of love, romance, commitment, dedication and trustworthiness of relationship. This is one of the precious jewels that you can get for anniversaries.

Romantic to Royal

We provide rings ranging from Romantic to Royal collections. Diamond rings are made in 14k and 18k white and yellow gold. Solitaire diamonds are embedded to create small bands in rings. 9 diamond rings enjoy good status among ring lovers and it suits best with any of the fingers, any of the ages and any of the occasions. Big rings are perfect to use in cocktail parties to get that bingo look. We also provide diamond rings in high quality silver and platinum.

Ring size range from 12 to 32 and price starts just from Rs. 31610…!! You can select rings made using 1 diamond to 16 diamonds. All of our products are authentically certified for international quality assurance. Free and fast shipping delivers your diamond rings right at your doorsteps within few days of placing the order.
Now the time is good to start your shopping. Have a happy shopping period!

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