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Gemstone Ruby and Diamond rings are a perfect combination of luck and beauty. Gemstone rings are marvellous pieces of jewellery and are symbolic birthstones that reflect luck and fortune. You can propose to your lady love using a gemstone ring.

Gemstone rings can also be worn to evening cocktail parties or wedding or anniversary parties. Brighten up your day by choosing to wear particular colour of gemstone for the day.

Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) features a beautiful collection of diamond and gemstone rings. Choice of gemstones includes ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, aquamarine, etc. Search for gemstones that have vivid, saturated colours.

Also, they need to be cut perfectly to maximize the beauty of gemstones.

Get mind blowing collections of natural gemstone rings featuring outstanding beauty, colour and character? Get some amazing fusion pieces like diamond and ruby rings, diamond and sapphire rings, diamond and emerald rings, diamond and gemstone rings etc.

We have a spectacular collection of diamond and gemstone rings. They are free of blemishes and are translucent.

Whether you are buying a wedding ring or an ordinary ring, we offer rings at discounts and authenticity certificates that leave you with a blissful mood, free of worry.


Aquamarine dates back to the time when sailors of ancient Greece wore it for protection from Sea God, Poseidon. The name comes from two Latin words- Aqua meaning water and Marine meaning happiness and health.

Sapphire is the birthstone of September and has rich colour. It is favoured for engagement rings and bodes good fortune. Emerald is a precious stone popular as long back as the times of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and was also used by Emperor Nero to view gladiator games. Today, it is favoured as a romantic stone, to cement domestic bliss.

Best of all precious stones is the sparkling red stone-ruby. It is a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. It is the birthstone of July.

Diamond ruby ring has a scintillating effect. They come in designs like wedding rings, cocktail rings, engagement rings and anniversary rings. Top picks from our site include natural diamond (0.80 ct ruby) 14k yellow gold anniversary ring and 0.52 ct natural diamond ruby 14k gold anniversary ring. The sparkle of diamonds is enhanced by the brilliance of rubies.

Diamonds come in different shapes like pear cut, round cut, oval cut, emerald cut, princess cut, etc. KJC offers diamonds and precious stones in a wide range of carats from 0.2 carat to 10 carats. They are set in white or yellow gold of 14k and 18k.

The best part is that the precious rubies and diamonds are sold by us at matchless prices. We craft jewellery in our own factory and sell directly to online customers, bypassing any middlemen while sourcing raw material or selling to final customer. Savings from this process are passed on to customers in form of low prices.

One also need not worry about quality of diamonds and precious stones as they have been certified and hall marked by independent agencies. We also create ruby and diamond ring designs according to your taste and requirements.

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