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The ring for your awaited day! At one point in our lives, we meet someone who defines love for us, and makes us live every moment we have fantasized. This person sure deserves the finest ring on your big day as a sign of unconditional love. Let the ring be a mark of your fairytale, which you will caress throughout the timeless journey of life with your love. Pick up an extravagant diamond ring for your exciting day to propose her in front of everyone […]

Want to commit to your loved one with a perfect ring? Antique design diamond rings are the soul of love and romance. They make for excellent engagement and wedding rings. A diamond ring is a precious treasure that represents the eternal promise of love. Your desire to get committed forever is symbolized by the sparkle of timeless diamonds. Antique design diamond rings celebrate life with panache and élan. They capture forever the special moments of confidence, power and beauty. We at Queen Jewels Inc feature […]

Hey Women…! Love to go for cocktail parties? Then your attires and jewels play a good role. The way you look makes your way in the cocktail parties. Yes, be the centre of attraction of every celebration and cocktail parties. Throw your talents and thrills to the partying ambience and atmosphere. Get the perfect jewel that adds plus to your beauty and quality. provides you with excellent ranges in diamond cocktail rings for womens to select from. Get that special look with Cocktail Rings […]

It has finally happened! You are about to be engaged to the most beautiful woman you have ever met in your life. True, you have lost count of the number of times you have mentioned how much she means to you, and how your life has changed since her entry into it. Regardless, you would like her to feel special in front of a crowd too. It is easy; just place a diamond ring on her finger. Have no qualms about her disliking it, for […]

Diamond cocktail rings are simply stunning pieces of jewelry. They make for bold fashion statements and are therefore called as ‘Statement Rings.’ Diamond cocktail rings have been members of gala receptions since the 1930’s. These rings adorn fingers of beautiful ladies and would make them the centre of attraction of all events. A cocktail ring is a big dramatic ring, usually worn at cocktail parties. But today these rings are worn as beautiful accessories to even casual outfits. Nowadays cocktail rings have assumed a new […]

Women all over are fond of diamond jewellery. From ancient times, women have been decking up in diamond jewellery for adding a royal touch and enhancing their personality. Diamonds are eternal and as such they are craved for the most important occasions of life like engagement, weddings and anniversaries. Diamond rings are particularly presented as symbols of love and commitment and are a favourite with Indian women. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store retailing a fine collection of diamond rings made in India. […]

A perfect emerald diamond ring is a great treasure which can be used at moments that last a lifetime- be it engagement or wedding. It is a precious possession that represents some of the eternal promises you made to your loved one. Emerald diamond rings are particularly valued for their timeless nature. The diamonds carry the message of ‘forever love’. They mark celebrations of life imbued with style statements. They stand for beauty, confidence and power. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) offers the best of emerald […]

Diamond jewellery and women have been inseparable since ages. Since ancient times, women have been adorning themselves with ruby diamond jewellery which gives a royal look to their personality. A diamond is eternal, so is diamond jewellery which lasts for several lifetimes, like a family heirloom. Among all types of diamond jewellery, ruby diamond rings are most cherished by Indian women. The most coveted among these are solitaire rings. A ring in gold studded with diamonds and other precious stones add an element of feminism, […]

Solitaire means one, the one accent diamond solitaire rings that stores the evergreen love union between you and your sweetie. You know your girl, her style and taste gift her solitaire power of love that will take her breath away for a moment. Engagement is that one day most girls look forward to. To make sure your would-be fiancée remembers the occasion of engagement for a lifetime, gift a ring which will beautifully reflect your love for her. Let the beauty of your love be […]

Diamonds are a forever friend for women, everywhere. Since ages women have been wearing diamond jewellery to get that royal look and make over their personality. A diamond is eternal, so diamond jewellery is craved for special timeless occasions like weddings and anniversaries. Among types of diamond jewellery, diamond rings are a favourite with women, especially in India. Khanna Jewels Co (KJC) is an online store selling fine jewellery crafted in India. It features an amazing collection of diamond jewellery like diamond rings. Diamond rings […]

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